Serums are one of those often talked about, but not always used products that can be at the heart of a good routine. These products are potent and capable of helping to fight back against even long-standing sources of damage. You need to know which one to use for your skin type, though. On top of that, serums aren’t necessarily as straightforward as other skincare products. They need to be applied in a particular way to ensure that you get their full benefits. This is where their comparative obscurity of serums gets in the way of more people wanting to use them. Too many people have ended up using them and experiencing no real benefits because of issues with applying serums and they don’t get their rightful reputation. We’re going to try to solve this problem by providing a clear understanding of how to use serums, the kinds available, and what actual expectations should be like. Consider this your Serum 101 course.

Using Serums
This is honestly where the most mistakes with serums turn up. Serums are incredibly thin when compared to most skincare products. In many cases they are practically liquids. This is because they are meant to spread as evenly as possible while giving as potent of an effect as possible with a minimal amount of product. The reason serum bottles are so small is that you should only be using a tiny amount each time. They last for months when used appropriately. Regardless, the key to properly using a serum is simply applying them immediately after you’ve finished cleaning your skin. Rinse, cleanse, and exfoliate, if you’re going to that day, and then apply your serum. Your skin will be at its most receptive and the serum won’t need to struggle to get past grime, your skin’s natural defenses, or other products. Remembering this will ensure your serums are properly effective\ instead of seeming to be a substandard product.

Match Properly
Knowing the appropriate way to apply your serum means it will work for you, but you also need to make the effort to match the serum to your skin and your concerns correctly. The process is more or less the same when compared to picking any other product. People with dry skin are going to want to look for hydrating serums that add a little extra moisture while nourishing your skin. This is fairly basic skincare though. The catch is you’ll need to do a little hunting when it comes to specialty issues. Anti-aging serums, for instance, tend to have the described benefits, but you’ll want to look for any other aspects that help balance out your skin issues. To return to our previous example, an anti-aging serum on its own could potentially dry the skin out a little. Finding a hydrating anti-aging serum will help counter this and make your skin all the healthier once you finish sealing the serum and your other products close to your skin with a good moisturizer.

Should You Use A Serum?
This is the only difficult question to answer. Serums are potent and good for many people’s skins, but not all of us necessarily need them constantly. When we’re younger, our skin tends to be healthier and need less overall nourishment from products. Our diets and age are more than enough to keep our skin happy and healthy. This changes as we age though. The skin gradually loses its ability to make the most of what we’re giving it and we need to give it just that much more. Serums become good for regular use as we’re approaching middle age and beyond. This gives your skin time to make use of serums as a cushioning effect that helps you age more gracefully and means they’re already in place to help counter some of the signs of aging when they truly start arriving. If you’re below 30, you can still get plenty of benefit from a serum, but you’ll probably only want to use them every now and then unless your dermatologist suggests otherwise.
Serums are simple yet powerful additions to anyone’s skincare routine. Learning to juggle their use within your own routine is one of the best ways to ensure that you take the best care of your skin possible. Consider giving a serum a try, even if you’ve done it before, now that you know the proper way to use them. A good quality serum may be just what your skin has been looking for all this time.

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