Enter to win an entire product collection from OROGOLD Cosmetics! One lucky winner will receive all three products included in the 24K Bionic Collection. This includes the 24K Bionic Complex Thermal Mask, 24K Bionic Complex Serum, and 24K Bionic Complex Cream. Share the OROGOLD Reviews website on Facebook to officially enter the giveaway. Then increase your chances of winning by leaving us a review and commenting on OROGOLD YouTube videos. This promotion ends September 30, 2014, midnight PST


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    • sally annee

      I would love to win just to try it for myself to see what all the outstanding reviews are about, and to write my review on my experience. Thanks!

    • Nicole Dobbins

      OroGold has saved me at times when I felt a mess. It has brought out my flawless looking skin and I have loved every product I have purchased from OroGold. I happily share my journey with OroGold and all of the products they have as I get compliments all the time.

    • nusrat

      Its in dubai

    • nusrat

      I never use this product so i have no idea

    • velice fink

      Would be awesome to win this . My store is key west florida can’t wait to get my products.:)

    • Konrad Bath

      This product rocks. I’m satisfied with it.

    • Victor Hamed

      I hope i win this giveaway i want it so badly!

    • Aya


    • Aya

      I want to win

    • Aakanksha

      I would like to win this.

    • Aakanksha


    • RESHMA

      Wish to win and try to become a permanent client.

    • Gina Louro

      Love your products ! Pick me!!!

    • Shomoa Alamamy

      منتوجات رائعه
      Hope to win


      I would love to win this, I would def pay it forward, family and friends would have some nice christmas presents.

    • Penny Lassiter

      I love the Orogold products. I have become such a fan. I have several of the products but have never used this particular one. Would love to try it! Thanks Orogold for coming into my life!

  • 24K Bionic Collection Giveaway - Giveaway Promote

    • Gina Louro

      Good customers deserve to win so we can spread the wealth and share the news about these products

    • Gina Louro

      Love your products

    • Ninette Said

      My first experience with Orogold was this year. There was a promotion, I bought the peeling gel plus the deep day moisturizer and then I got the night cream as a gift. This was from the shop on bond street, London. I loved the sales person and loved the shop. As for the products the peeling gel is just out of this world. Really truly appreciate buying the products – although they are a bit expensive 🙂

    • Umi Kudori

      I would love to win just to try it for myself to see what all the outstanding reviews are about, and to write my review on my experience. Thanks!

    • baldo

      liked and shared

    • Edmond

      OMG, luv to try ur product. Wow, 24k bionic colleciton is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity

    • Ain

      Would love win it!

    • Joyce Alexander

      I really wish you had a store in the Seattle/Bellevue/Tacoma area of Western Washington so that I could have a complimentary facial and try out some of your products. I am always looking for something new to try and willing to spend the money if the products work.

      • OROGOLD

        Hello Joyce,

        You can use OROGOLD Store Locator anytime to find an OROGOLD location near you at http://www.orogoldstorelocator.com. We have 2 locations in the areas you asked about: OROGOLD Bellevue at the Bellevue Collection 575 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, Seattle WA 98004 and OROGOLD Seattle at the Westlake Center 400 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101. Our beauty advisers would be really excited to see you there!

        Thank you for visiting,

        OROGOLD Giveaway Team

    • maria

      My husband bought me some of these product s in Hawaii , while on vacation.I have to say I’m loving them!

    • ayesha warsi

      i would love to win this very nice

    • Pauline Mabry

      Just started using them..so great. My granddaughter and I love them!

    • Laura-Lynn

      Had my first experience with OROGOLD a few days ago! Had an awesome time talking with the sales rep, and manager. They we so funny and kind! Got an amazing deal on some products, would have LOVE to buy everything in there! Got the deep peel and nail kit, absolutely LOVE them so far!! Will definitely be going back in the future!

    • Jessica Aguilar

      From Texas,
      The price range is up but our hard earned money is not being wasted on a useless product, I know because my aunt is a orogold customer and the results are amazing (she will not share). So I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this new 24k bionic collection, I had seen my mother looking at this site she’s never experienced your products I know she would be thankful and surprised. I’m entering this contest for her. I will even make a YouTube video of my mothers impression giving this gift too her.

      p.s. The weather out here is bipolar so It is well needed. Best of luck to the rest.

    • titi

      The product is amazing, difference is noticed on the first trial. would love to win!!!!

    • Jennifer Phillips

      fingers are crossed that I get to see how wonderful this product is

    • claudine

      I had in London a test around my eyes with your special cream. I can say the result was incredible. I wanted to see the result after 6 hours. Still incredible.
      The problem I have now is that I live in France and you don’t have any address. I wish to buy this cream. How can I do ? May we buy by internet ?

    • Wanda Tracey

      I have never wanted to win such amazing beauty products as Orogold before.I have tried many beauty products before and some of them are great but none of them stand up to the results of these awesome products.I have subscribed to the youtube videos and I love the reviews.Thanks for this opportunity to win this great giveaway!!!!!!!…XX

    • Sandra

      Love this product, at my mall a few days ago, nice lady was passing out this packet and I went home and used it that night, wow… this was a great item…thanks for the Orogold 24 K.

    • Ana Novoa

      I read about your products and would like to win the set because they are not particularly easy to buy dollars change to make them less accessible ..
      let me know if I win …. thanks Orogold 24 K

    • Bonny Sisson

      I am a new convert to Orogold! I am so thrilled with the products I have been introduced to. I can’t wait to use more and share the results with my family and friends.

    • Janice

      While I have never tried it …. I have read great reviews and it sounds like a great product and would love to try it myself.

    • Sarah

      It peeled off all my dead skin!!

    • Lisa Priest

      I was getting ready to order something from Korea just like this! Gonna wait now.

    • Bonnie Whitney

      I would love to try these products! Trying before buying would be wonderful. Thank you for letting me enter.

    • Petra Jadan

      Nice giveaway. I would love to try this. Thanks for the chance!

    • Karla Schwartz

      I am a 40 year old mom of 4 and I am so grateful for oro gold. It is truly amazing and it is just the miracle I need to look fabulous ! The skin is the largest organ in the body and if you don’t take care of it nobody else will! No matter how busy I get with kids, work and home I always make time for oro gold! Thanks a million!

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