To enter for your chance to be 1 of the 5 lucky winners, share the news that OROGOLD’s store in Puerto Rico is now open. Be sure to refer your friends! Promotion now through December 8, 2014.

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    • Darlene Wright

      Nice, Puerto Rico will be a great location!

    • Tongi Castro

      Beautiful…could not have chosen a more beautiful place! They are going to absolutely love having the store there!

    • Anysia

      Congratulations wishing u all the best. May ur new store prosper.

    • Angela

      I have friends from Puerto Rico!

    • Samah hamdan

      very happy to join your site and hope I can win with you one of those amazing products

    • igor

      nice products, nice shop

    • claudine

      If im ever in Puerto Rico I’ll have a peek in the shop,and purchase no doubt 🙂

    • arwa hita

      Would love to win Golden Body Scrub

    • Jemina


    • Sandra

      What a nice location. Congratulations on the new location opening.

    • kathy mcclanahan

      Opening at a new location – congrats! Love Orogold

    • Yvette Figueroa

      Congratulations. I’m sure the store in Puerto Rico will do well

    • Kelly glen

      Congratulations on the new sore opening.

    • Lisa Williams

      Puerto Rico sounds like a wonderful,warm location. I have never tried Orogold products but I would love to they sound amazing.

    • Nancy

      The store looks very classy. Great location!

    • Jessica Brunk

      Wonderful! So happy for y’all that you have expanded.

    • robyn donnelly

      A great Puerto Rico store has opened with ORO Gold products and I bet the people will be happy. Great job ORO Gold.

    • MARY T

      I would love to see this country someday

    • Dina Eighties

      looks very good and luxury place

    • Amanda Gray

      Some of my closest friends are from there. I hope they make it by.

    • Kristina Kovalevich

      Orogold has been changing my skin incredibly. I am excited to hear and announce that they are opening a store in Puerto Rico. This is a gain for all those living in the area. Congrats!

    • Lynn Z

      would love to try Orogold!!

    • Debbie Lind

      Puerto Rico Beautiful place!

    • Mary Hoffman

      I think its fabulous! Now how about coming to Hawaii!!!!

    • Sharon Markwell

      Puerto Rico – Wow. Such an exotic and unique location. Good luck with this new venture.

    • Denise

      Wishing you success in the opening of your new store.

    • Anaa

      Great products …

    • Wendy Hadden

      Another beautiful store in a beautiful country. Congratulations and I wish it lots of success.

    • april monty

      I love the decor,it looks almost like a spa or high end salon.

    • Stacy Carnahan

      sound like a spa treatment thats wonderful!

    • kim cooper

      congradulations on the new store! good luck with your amazing products!

    • Jacqueline

      Congratulations! I love OROGOLD products, so happy for the opening of the store in Puerto Rico this means many more will get to enjoy the wonders of these products 🙂

    • Anne Derkat

      What a great excuse to go to Puerto Rico.

    • Flor silvestre

      I just bought this product and I am very happy with the results. I already told my sister-in-law in puerto rico about this product and she promises to look for the new store. I wish her good luck in finding it 🙂

    • Erica

      The Puerto Rico store is gorgeous.

    • Santhia Keiller

      What a great excuse to go to Puerto Rico.

    • Wong Hee Ju, Louisa

      I hope my dream can come ture … cross the Pacific Ocean to Puerto Rico from Borneo Island

    • Jasmina

      I can’t live a blog post comment, and I don’t know why.

    • rene maria creamer

      Wow! Awesome, Puerto Rico has some amazing beaches and the residents are going to love what Orogold products can do for their skin!

    • Amber Martin

      Looking forward to shopping at the new site next time I am on vacation!

    • Jackie

      Look forward to visiting!

    • Stephanie Jones

      Great product. Wish I’d had this years ago.

    • Stephanie Jones

      Wanted to make sure I was on mailing list.

    • Tracey

      I have been using orogold products since I visited Hawaii 2 years ago and I wouldn’t use anything else. Love your products. Cheers

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