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24K Deep Peeling Giveaway


    • tj


      • OROGOLD

        Hi Tj,

        Yes, our giveaways are open to participants worldwide. If you win, we will ship the prize to you.

  • 24K Deep Peeling Giveaway ($108 Value!)

    • Tammy Putanm

      I have this and it really cleans your skin. I would love to win one almost out of mine.

    • Rayna Orsini

      What an amazing product! I was just able to have a demonstration on my arm at the mall for the first time and I can’t wait to try this product on my face! I battle with acne and have read amazing reviews for acne. A new must have!

    • Irene Newstead

      As with all of Oro Gold products, this is a superb product, and it does a fantastic job of cleaning the skin.

    • Gayane

      I really love your products! I am a client for 3 years! Your under eye creams are the best, after using the creams I saw a big change, no puffiness and dark circles!!! I’m recommending them to everyone!!

  • WIN The 24K Deep Peeling Gel WW - Canada US Win and Save

    • Marina

      I’ve just heard about this product and it looks fantastic! I will give this line a try.

  • Enter to Win an Orogold 24k Deep Peel Gel ($108 Value) – 10 Winners – ends 4/15

    • jessica

      would love to win, thank you for the chance!!

    • Cynthia Knisely

      I really want to win the 24K Oro Gold Peel. It sounds awesome. But then again some of your other skincare products sound great too! Hope I win.

    • Anne Marie Carter

      I would love to try the Thermal Mask in the Bionic Collection. I have aging skin issues.

    • Diane A

      This sounds like great product. I have several of the orogold collections, but this is not included in them.

    • Lyndiann antoine

      Am om my third bottle of the peeling gel and I love it.

    • Kartika Sari

      I buy Orogold @ marina by sand 22 March 2015, the formula very good , my skin verry smoth like skin baby , i like it , and i hope orogold must have counter in Indonesia..thq orogold

    • Tachwaly

      Habe bei einer Freundin gesehen, wie das Peeling von Orogold wirkt. Sie sieht nach der Anwendung fantastisch aus!

    • Susie Anderson

      I most recently have bought some but not all of this product line. I am looking forward to seeing amazing results. I am having my husband take a before and after picture after one months trial. I did like the peel when demonstrated in the store, it literally did rub off and take dirt with it. My skin combined with the day cream afterwards felt soft and silky and clean!

    • Audrey Crothers

      Watched the video and have decided that I need to peel away 40 years worth of dirt and dead skin cells. haha seriously, it really sounds fabulous and I feel it is probably a plus to any skin care process, especially for an older woman. A man, I’m sure could benefit greatly as well.


      Yay a mask you don’t have to leave on for a half an hour before washing off!

    • Terry Taylor

      WOW that is neat would love to try it

    • Joanne Root

      I purchased Orogold products in November and have consistently used them. They have made a wonderful difference in the quality of my skin. I look younger and my skin looks and feels so much better!

    • Michelle Garrity

      Love that you “don’t mess around” when it comes to skin care. I don’t either….and would love to try this. Thanks!

    • jo kalber

      Wow! I wanted to stick my hand through the computer and grab a jar of that Orogold!! lol Wishing myself luck on this contest!! 🙂

    • Shauntea Crutcher

      I like that this product is quick to use and it doesn’t have a fragrance.

    • Shauntea Crutcher

      I like that this product shows the dirt that it has cleaned from your face.

    • Christine Stortz

      I love the peeling gel. I feel like something is actually happening!

    • Maria

      Eye serum the best, gets rid of puffiness, firms, it’s great. Thank you


      would love to win, thank you for the chance!!

    • Zariya

      I have been using this product since Last October. It is so awesome I love it. I was as shocked as you. What a great product.

    • Shana Dillard

      Boy do I need this. My skin is soo dry and scarred from Menopause at 43!! and bad beauty habits. HELP..

    • Nicole Becker

      OMG, this products seems AMAZING!!! I want my skin to look and feel like hers in the video. Yes, it is very pricey but seems so well worth it.

    • Nicole Becker

      Just watched the 2nd video and it makes me want to buy it even more!!! Like I said it is pricey, but maybe just maybe I will win this giveaway!!! Fingers crossed!!

    • Hunar

      would love to win this!
      Thanks for this giveaway

    • Imenka

      Sounds amazing, it’s definitely on my wishlist! It’s not cheap though, but I think it’s worth it for sure. Thank you for a great opportunity to win, fingers crossed 🙂

    • Anastasia

      I would love to try orogold peeling gel. Your products look so good.

    • Melanie Corbit

      I tried my sister’s deep peeling product and I loved how it made my face feel. It felt softer, less rough. I can’t wait to buy my own.

    • Melanie Corbit

      I can’t wait to buy some or win some….

    • Sharon Cardellicchio

      Recently introduced to this line by a friend and looking forward to trying all of your products in the line!

    • Barry Moulds

      We purchased some OroGold products last year while in Las Vegas and were amazed at the results … We would love to try the new 24k Deep Peel to see if it helps with Rosacea !!!

    • Cindy Shipley

      Would love to try this product. Looks like I would get amazing results.

    • Lynette Bhimull

      I am dying to try this. Can’t wait to order and use it .

    • Lisa Coomer Queen

      This sounds like an amazing product! Would love to try it!

    • belinda bell

      my skin would love this. it needs some help.

    • Lynne Chambers

      This is just what my tired skin needs!!

    • Liberty

      Sounds interesting. I would really like to try it. Good job on the video.

    • Pamela Schaffhauser

      I have tried the eye cream and I love it. I need to try this, it looks amazing.

    • Danielle Honger

      Danielle Honger
      I honestly can’t wait to try this product, I hope I win.

    • Shari Duck

      I would love to try this! It looks so luxurious. Do y’all have samples or sample sizes to purchase?

    • Marilena

      this looks amasing!!

    • Kelli

      I love what the 24K Intensive Eye Formula has done to my eyes. It’s truly amazing!!

    • Elizabeth Romero

      It’s absolutly amazing. The diffrence is instant.

    • Katia Audrey

      Ok I think I’m sold. Seriously! Never tried Orogold before but I sure would like to. This thing looks so yummy n the videos 😉

    • Mumthas

      Have heard a lot about this product & it’s fabulous results. Would definitely love to give this line a try.

    • Tammy

      I received a sample of the cream moisturizer, and l want more…I don’t normally use gel peels, but after watching this video, I would love to try it and then put on the moisturizer…i already can see the difference…haha

    • Angela

      Looks soo amazing n something I should use because I always find hidden dirt or makeup!! Fingers crossed!!!

    • gala

      The packing looks premium and product is so effective, we all need to try this

    • Angela

      Soooo want to try this!!! Fingers crossed

    • Tamara

      That’s so awsesome gonna buy one of the vitamin c ones works great huge difference

    • Yasmine choudhry

      Lpve skincare and would love to try this range x

    • Alice

      I’ve just tried the product. It’s amazing. I would like to have it.

    • meghan castillo

      Fingers crossed, I would love to try this.

    • Patty wright

      I would love to win this and try it.

    • Shirley Smith

      I would love to win And be able to try out your products.

    • Kyaw Sein

      All OROGOLD Products are so amazing, your skin will never be the same without it.

    • Sandy T

      I love the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling. I was so impressed with the product. I have been using a skin care system with a scrub, but it is nothing like the Deep Peeling. I couldn’t believe the “crud” that came out of my skin after using it the very first time.

    • Ying

      It look so awesome!

    • Kate

      I tried it at the mall and was hooked. Makes your skin feel fantastic.,

    • Barb

      Sounds like awesome stuff I’d love to try it

    • Kristen H.

      I would absolutely love to win Orogold 24k deep peeling gel, especially since it seems to be so effective at helping to get rid of dead skin, which I unfortunately have a lot of. I also really like that it doesn’t seem like something that would irritate my skin. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

    • myrna

      I love watching you videos, i hope i can try the Orogold 24k peeling gel by winning in this Orogold giveaway.

    • Jamie Johnson

      This stuff is like gold! Oh wait, that’s just too cheesy! But it really works. It’s like nothing I have ever seen or used before. Ever. I hope I win this pot of gold so I can show off my new skin. Can you say MIDAS touch anyone?

    • Kathy Leonard

      I got a sample of this for my mature skin, as a lady in my mid 60’s; it really helped with my wrinkles, dark circles, sagging chin! Very good product in just a sample, would love to win a full size to be able to use every day! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Highly recommend to family and friends!

    • Lorraine H

      This product is new to me. If it can make my skin look half as great as the video model’s, bring it on!

    • Preston Chapman

      Super product would love to win it for my daughter.

    • Sue C

      Looks and sounds wondeful!

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