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$1,000 OROGOLD Shopping Spree


    • Sandra

      Amazing products! !! My face is smooth and healthy looking.

    • Cynthia Knisely

      I have never tried your skincare products but I really want to. From the reviews it sounds like you have great anti-aging skincare products

    • Cynthia Knisely

      I would like to try all your products. I can’t believe they have real gold in them. Like to try your peel and body butter plus Vitamin 24k Night Nourishment.



    • melissa a

      i have always wanted to try these products, i would love the chance to win!

    • Danni Plume

      thank you for the great giveaway!

    • Jennifer Heintz

      This would be so great to win! I would like to try these products, as I am looking for something that works!

    • Cheryl

      There are so many products I would love to try with $1,000 in credit.

    • Alessandro

      This is awesome! Gold gold!!!

    • Natalie

      I would love to try these products!!



    • Michael Woods

      Thanks so much for this giveawayd

    • Nancy Hilderbrand

      would like to try the skin care treatment because I have old and dry skin.

    • Ivelisse W

      I love your products

    • Sindy

      Cold Canada winters need all this mousture

    • DebP

      I haven’t had the opportunity to try your products yet, but this would be great to introduce me to them.

    • amy

      Can’t wait to try

    • Linda Gilbert

      Would be fun to try something new!

    • Rowena Huser

      I”ve not had a chance to try your product….this would be a great way to try it out.

    • Girlwithfire

      This is such an awesome contest!

    • Diane M

      Love this line of product works really well.

    • Marina

      Tnx, i would like to try

    • Dorothy Boucher

      I have never tried this product but definitely I could use this, I know my skin would be very thankful to be able to use this on my skin

    • Dovile

      Thank you for the giveaway!

    • ahlam charai

      nice products hope to win it

    • Christina King

      The products look absolutely amazing — and I love the packaging!

    • Joyce McDaniel

      I have tried many times to enter your contest. Hoping today will be my lucky day. It is Christmas time and soon a new year. I am thankful for having the best friends in the world.

    • Nathan

      These look like some interesting products. My wife is very interested in trying some of them in the future.

    • Maribel R

      I would love to try orogold products and id really like to give them to my mom if I win . Thanks for making this giveaway and Happy Holidays!

    • Stella Ng

      I’ve seen so many reviews about products containing Gold. It would be so awesome if I could just win this giveaway! 😀

    • JAK

      love this set!!

    • cynthia li

      I’ve tried Orogold facial cleanser and moisturizer before and it was AWESOME. I definitely need more and recommend others to use it as well 🙂

    • Elizabeth C

      I love your products! I received a gift set THREE years ago from my best friend and I LOVE it. I still use it all the time!

    • paige chandler

      I haven’t had new skin care since college. The Stone Age, UGH

    • Pam Flynn

      Orogold would be a great way to start the new year by having nice clean glowng skin.

    • Deborah Bryan

      I absolutely love Orogold. I recieved a complete facial during my Christmas vacation and WOW!!!! Great products.

    • L. Bear-Wheat

      Love all products, I use mine each night and my skin feels like silk. Looking foward to try more products when I am able too.

    • L. Bear-Wheat

      Love my face peel, use it twice a week. Have not tried the shea butter cream yet. Can not wait.

    • sam7252

      Would love to try the seaweed and collagen mask

    • Maja

      I’d love to have the chance to try out some of your products. Great giveaway!

    • Peter B.

      Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Robert Morella

      Not sure what name!!!!! Would love to try though!

    • Wendy

      I would love to try your products!

    • Iris

      Thats great! I would like to try this product

    • Angela Newsome

      I’ve never tried your products but would love to. Thanks for the chance!

    • Cheryl Alexander

      Simply Awesome! Would love to use all of these products!

    • cheryl

      love orogold products

    • Valerie L

      I never tried your products but I am always on the lookout for something new and better.

    • Terry Madden

      Would love these products to do the pampering night.

    • Philip Lawrence

      This would make my girl friend very happy!

    • MeMe R

      Would love to finally win and try this to help my damaged skin. I spend so much time in the hospital from having lupus and i feel terribly old and dried out from all the meds and treatment, so a little pampering would be nice once in awhile!

    • JESSICA!

      awesome giveaway!

    • MARY

      Looks interesting

    • Elsa F

      Received a trial at a mall and LOVED the products! especially the gentle scrub.

    • Tara B

      Sounds great!

    • Bridget Patterson

      I would love to try Orogold. Now that I am in my late 30’s I want to start an anti-aging regime.

    • Nathan Zen

      Hey looks cool for my GIRL

    • erica driver

      all of these products are amazing hope to win 🙂

    • Debbie C.

      After watching the video, I’m really curious to try the Oro Gold 24k birth kit. My skin needs rejuvenating!

    • Ange

      This is the first time I’ve heard of your products, what an amazingly decadent range! I would so love to try them for myself

    • Karine Martin

      I Love your blog thank you for this amazing chance !

    • Michelle Ward

      I’ve never heard of orogold cosmetics. I really want to try some after watching your video.

    • LavonneP

      The products look great. Would love to try it!

    • Linda Davidson-Poplees

      These look like incredible products. I have tried many lines they work for a while then no results. I would love to try these, they look like they truly work.

    • Suzette Smith

      My aging skin needs all the love and attention it can get, and this would just be perfect! Thanks for ensuring woman look wonderful, always!

    • Kim O'Neill

      Been dying to try this., my skin needs it.

    • Robyn W

      I would love to try this product.

    • Sara Wells

      Very hopeful that I have the opportunity to try your products.

    • Becky Manna

      Sounds like a wonderful product!

    • Cheryl Montgomery

      I would love to try top of the line skin products.

    • Diane P

      Would love to try.

    • Sharon Bontz

      I keep saying I would love to try your products first.

    • Jai Kenebrew

      Watching the video has me in love with you products.

    • Ashley Spaustat

      What an awesome giveaway! Loved your video darling!!! XOXO

    • Lady Di

      I’ve purchased collections for my eyes and face and I’m very happy with the results.

    • nr


    • sheri busche

      These products look amazing.

    • cynthia d

      As I get older, i need something to help with age spots.

    • Jane Terlizzi

      Important to take care of your skin.

    • Dorothea TAylor

      I have not tried these products yet but would love to.

    • virginia veal

      I hope to win like everyone else, but I would love to try the face peel.

    • Kalyn

      Thanks for the contest, here’s crossing my fingers!

    • latoya

      these products sound great…thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all!

    • Debra Holloway

      These products look topshelf, and I would love to win them and use them.

    • Darlene Comeaux

      I have never tried your skincare products, but hope to try them soon.

    • Guti5

      Would love to try these awesome products!

    • Ellen Robinson

      I have always wanted to try your products. I hope I win

    • Laura Klassen

      These products look great and it would be a dream to win!

    • Tetia

      I would love to try your products!

    • QueenMatilda

      Looking forward to trying these products:)

    • Nancy Luebke

      Would love to try your products. Thanks for this opportunity.

    • Kate

      Wow. I would LOVE to try these products!!!

    • Montserrat Maso

      Hoy boy a empezar a probar los productos que esta mañana he comprado, y haber si tengo suerte y puedo probar otros productos

    • JinIN

      Thanks for the promotional.
      We would all be better off treating our skin like gold.

    • billie

      I would like to try.

    • kalee

      Would love to try the products!

    • J Franks

      This is the first I’ve heard of your skincare products. They sound very luxurious.

    • Craig

      My lady friend would be grateful to have these products in her cosmetic drawer

    • Callie

      My skin is really oily I hops I win because the reviews or great.

    • John Thuku

      Your product looks very unique and quite special. I have never tried it but I would love to. Thank you so much for the chance.

    • Rajee

      love to try

    • shannon fowler

      I would love to try these products. it looks like they work really well, and I haven’t found a skincare line i’m really pleased with yet

    • Suzette Smith

      May you have a wonderful, blessed and phenomenal New Year! Good luck to all the contestants.

    • Linda

      Would love to try these products. Happy New Year!

    • Matt Kalist

      Wow, my wife would love your products, thanks for the chance.

    • L. Cromas

      I’d love to try these products!

    • Judy Thomas

      I have heard that these products are awesome. Thank you for the chance to win them and try them out.

    • Dan_G

      Thanks for chance.

    • Ors




    • Pat Drouillard

      Love gold ,I would love to try this for sure

    • jean smith

      would like to try cream for dry kin. sounds good

    • Rajul B

      Lovely Giveaway, hope to win

    • Arielle Morgane

      Would love to see how many of your amazing products I could try with $1K in credit!!!!

    • kira

      Looks like really great products, the winners will be lucky for sure!

    • Ariel Abella

      The OROGOLD products are totally miracle, even it apply for small amount, yes I tried it already but I can’t afford to continue because it’s so expensive for me.. hope to win..

    • Juli foster

      Can’t wait to try all the products love what I have used so far

    • Orogold Lover

      This is just fantastic, I love these products to death!!!! My favourite is the golden body scrub, it’s just so great! And the packaging is elegant and excellent, I would definitely love to win this giveaway

    • trina

      loved the review can’t wait to try #puregerlz

    • KO

      Great gift for my girlfriend!

    • annie d

      love to try

    • Christine

      Love the giveaway! Would love to try your products.

    • Racheal M

      As I get older I find my skin needs more attention and your products may be just what I am looking for.

    • Michaella Atienza

      Would love to try orogold products! It seems premium and fancy! THanks for this giveaway.

    • Jasmina S

      i have always wanted to try these products, i would love the chance to win!

    • Penny

      I love this prize!

    • Vanja

      I love to try.Very beautiful giweavay <3

    • Janice Godbout

      I have always used shiseido products but would absolutely love to try Orogold. These products look amazing.

    • Melissa J

      This would be amazing to win! Good luck to everyone!

    • Dragana

      I would love to try your product.

    • Desanka Savic

      I would like to try your products.

    • Mehr Mangral

      I’ve never tried orogold products before, however I really would love to. My skin is very oiy and tend to b drying in winter. This is an awsome giveaway.

    • Helena

      Amazing products !Orogold is one the brands I most dream to try!
      wish you al a happy New Year!

    • Ziya

      Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! Happy New Year!

    • Dilanka

      wow i waiting to use these product my skin need good care i think you product will take care of my skin and i will get addicted it

    • Natasha Atkinson

      I would love some amazing Orogold products, my skin is lacking moisture, its dry and i need some quality products to help ease it

    • Lindsey Green

      I would love to try your products!!

    • Paty

      These products look amazing

    • Andrea White

      This sounds really expensive, but if these products work it would definitely be worth it.

    • Kadri

      Really interested in trying the products. HNYE!

    • Anastasia Sagina

      I must confess – this givaway and products are amazing 🙂 Eh, i wish i could win ^^

    • Dale Steele Nicolov

      I would love to try your products ,hoping to get that golden glow !

    • Liberty

      I have read a lot about the product but have never tried them. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Shareen

      Would love to try these products!

    • Barb

      Since i live in the frozen Midwest, I go through a TON of facial moisturizer. Can’t wait to try Orogold.

    • Ashley

      I see a girls-only facial masque party in my future!

    • Juana Esparza

      I would love to try this product.

    • Houyem Gh

      I really like your products! VIVA GOLDEN ERA!!

    • lionel sellers

      I would love to win this giveaway skincare products of orogold and I have my fingers crossed for a chance to get this giveaway skincare products and I have been following your company products for some time due to my skin problems and I know that this is the one product line for me.due to that your skincare products line is not here in Warren Ohio which is a small town. but we have an great mall.with big names. I’m always enter ing in your giveaway s which I have not won yet.nor can I affordsuch beauty. but I’m still trying to win. thank you from the little lady in Warren Ohio

    • jeanne conner

      great products,, I hope I am the lucky winner

    • Denise Welch

      I would love to try these products, sure could use it.

    • jaclyne

      I’d love to try these cosmetics!

    • Anita Jude

      I would love to try these

    • Destiny McIntosh-Smith

      I would love to try these products! I feel they would do wonders for me!

    • April Englehardt

      Had no idea that Orogold had so many products. Would love to try them.

    • Badelhas

      Great giveaway, thanks.


    • Renee

      thanks for the insight love these blogs

    • Tafara N.

      Looks so good and the reviews are awesome. I would love to try these products!

    • lorri

      fabulous products…would love to win!

    • Karrie

      what amazing products

    • Suzette Smith

      Keeping everything crossed. My skin would thank me for ever if I won these products.

    • Leanne

      This pampering looks so relaxing love it

    • Amanda B

      I have the neck cream and love it!

    • Brandon Sparks

      Such an awesome giveaway. Thank You.

    • Jack Przybylski

      My Fiance loves Orogold, be a great gift

    • Laura Micele

      Love all Orogold items, dying to win

    • william causey

      my wife and girls would go crazy for this

    • Chelsea

      Love these products!

    • christina westendorp

      like everyone in the winter my skin is very tired looking, especailly so because of my age as well _61. would love to win this product!!!!

    • Edmond

      Good Golly Miss Molly, Luv Orogold. To die for. Pick me. Prize perfect for my aunt’s big BDday gift.

    • Deb Jensen

      I would love to try these products!!

    • Pamala Lynn Campbell


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