Moisturizing is stressed in almost every skin care guide for a very good reason: it is absolutely necessary. The problem is that not everyone actually believes that their skin needs to be moisturized regularly. When it comes down to it, OROGOLD recognizes that it is easier to explain to someone with chronically dry skin that they need a moisturizer. Such a person inevitably already knows it and has to combat various skin issues as a result of dry skin. Getting people with normal or oily skin to recognize why they need to moisturize is a different matter entirely. This is especially true for those with oily skin that would argue their problem is getting their skin less moist overall. This aspect of skin care though, as with most aspects, is a bit more complex than a snap judgment makes it seem.

Dry Skin
As discussed, dry skin tends to make people more receptive to understanding that they need to moisturize. The skin becomes a bit more brittle and less flexible when it is prone to being dry. Dry skin flakes more readily than other skin and tend to be more susceptible to skin damage than other types of skin as one of the skin’s natural defenses isn’t operating like normal. As a result, people with dry skin are in special need of strong moisturizers to help keep their skin as healthy as possible. Trapping additional moisture in your skin will not only help make your skin more resilient, but it can clear up some of the lasting marks from damage due to dry skin. You should be particular careful if you have chronic dry skin that is difficult to manage. Talk to a dermatologist at that point to make sure that you don’t have a medical condition causing dry skin as opposed to it being a seasonal issue or just having slightly dryer skin than average.

Normal Skin
Even people with perfect or mostly clear skin need to moisturize regularly. Skin dries out with age or from exposure to the sun. This means that you need to regularly moisturize to keep your skin looking its best. It will help your skin retain moisture and look healthily plump and young. Continually ensuring your skin has enough moisture will let it deal with sun damage more readily as well. The moisture you keep trapped through the use of the moisturizer will prevent the sun from drying your skin out as easily during overexposure, but that doesn’t mean you can just stay out in the sun. Think of proper moisturizing less as a perfect shield and more as a barrier the sun will slowly deplete. Be kind to your skin and it will be kind to you.

Oily Skin
Hear us out. OROGOLD promises that those of you with oily skin still need to moisturize as assuredly as someone with dry skin, and often for the same reasons. Oily skin comes with its own issues as assuredly as dry skin. Breakouts are more common for people with oily skin, and the products used to manage breakouts often use acidic or alcohol-based compounds to dry out the skin to reduce the severity of or to try to prevent further breakouts. Drying your oily skin out is good, but if you don’t replace the moisture then you can end up with similar problems to someone with dry skin or, worse still, actually make your skin more oily. Oily skin will try to correct the believed imbalance of moisture and oils in your skin by producing even more oils than usual. This can lead to an even worse breakout. Consequently, moisturize regularly when you’re using products designed to help manage oily skin.

Even though OROGOLD isn’t dedicating a section to combination skin, the instructions in the previous categories are more than enough to give someone with such skin direction. Simply consider the amount of moisturizer you apply to each section of your skin when applying it for the best results. All skin benefits from proper moisturizing and you should never allow anyone to convince you otherwise. Moisturizing will always be part of a good skin care routine, but you can potentially skip it in one routine if you’re going to be applying sunscreen instead. This is only the case because sun screen often incorporates a moisturizer. Keep your skin healthy and hydrated to ensure you look your best for years to come.

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