Focusing on appropriate skin care, generally, means we all know just that much more than the average person when it comes to taking appropriate care of our skin. We’ve typically learned how to balance things out when it comes to ensuring that our products work well with our skin types while still getting the job we need done. All of this means we get to rest a little easier when it comes to wondering if we look our best. However, there are still things to learn and the minutia of skin care are as important as the big lessons that we all need to learn. One of these is the right time to use a serum in your morning routine. As potent as serums are, misusing them actually makes them less effective than they are meant to be simply due to a relatively easily corrected mistake. Let’s quickly look at the right time to use a serum in your routine and why that time is the best, but first we should all make sure we understand the purpose of a serum.

Terrific Topicals
Serums are, more or less, a supercharged version of many of our favorite nourishing products. They use high concentrations of ingredients to get the most out of each application without fussing with multiple products to get the same result. These products are relatively thin and tend to be at most the thickness of a light lotion most of the time. It ensures that they’re easy to apply and typically shows that they’re capable of penetrating into the skin far more effectively than a thicker product. This effectiveness does come with a downside, though: they’re harder to use than the average product. That’s why placement in your routine is so important. The thin nature of a serum means it tends to evaporate off quickly before you can get the most out of it and likewise means that, while the skin can’t block it easily, many other things are perfectly capable of doing just that. This is why it is fairly important to apply a serum when your skin is at its cleanest.

Timing Really Is Everything
We clean our skin at least once a day, but most of us tend to have a morning and an evening routine that each have their own lengths and thoroughness. In the case of a morning routine, we’re inclined to have a heavier focus on cleaning to ensure that we have a good canvas to work with for our skincare. Starting with a rinse in lukewarm water, we move forward and cleanse with at least one product to help get our skin as clean as possible by clearing away general grime, oils, and traces of yesterday’s makeup. You might also follow up with exfoliating if it is your day for that too. Only after these steps do you want to apply a serum. Rinsed, cleansed, and possibly exfoliated skin is as clean as it is going to get that day and ensures that your skin is fully prepared to properly use a serum. Additionally, layering on products afterward or even just a moisturizer helps to trap the serum close to the skin for longer and prevent it from evaporating off as quickly as it otherwise would. Why when your skin is at its cleanest, though?

The Cleanliness of Beauty
Your skin needs to be so clean for the same reason that you want it clean for applying any other product: it is more effective. Before you’ve cleaned your skin for the morning, you’re dealing with a situation where your skin has a natural barrier of oil and grime over it that is going to interfere with any product you place on it. Some products can get through this kind of barrier simply by hanging around long enough. These are typically thick products like moisturizing creams that have a while to reach your skin. This isn’t going to work for serums. Any barrier between them and your skin makes them far less effective. Your skin’s natural defenses and your other products don’t get an exemption from this rule. As a result, applying on properly cleaned skin ensures that you’ll both get the most out of a serum and ensure that your investment doesn’t go to waste due to poor timing. You’ll still get some effects if you apply after other products, but the benefits won’t be nearly as pronounced.

Serums are some of the most potent skincare options available to us. Their highly concentrated mixture of ingredients makes them incredibly useful when used appropriately and yet seem relatively useless if we’re not using them correctly. That’s why you want to apply them when your skin is at its cleanest, but before you apply any other products. Remembering to do this will let you make the most of your serums.

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