One of the cardinal sins of skincare has always been to sleep with your makeup on. There are good reasons for that too. It dries out your skin, traps grime close to it, creates an environment perfect for skin conditions, and in general does poorly by your skin if you let it sit overnight. We’ve all done it before though. Most of the reason we stress not doing it so hard is to try to encourage others to learn from our mistakes. After all, we can end up working to fix the problems caused by such an event for two weeks or more depending on our overall skin health. The good news is that you can take emergency steps when you wake up and realize you left your makeup on. Such steps can help reduce the likelihood of your experiencing any problems and help counteract the negative effects. We’ve got a short guide, but you’ll need to be quick and precise to make the most of them.

Clean Up
Your most immediate concern is getting all of that makeup off your fast as thoroughly as possible. Find your favorite makeup removers and go at it. These will help break up and remove the bulk of the makeup, but you’re going to need to take other measure to get anything that has gotten caked on or pushed into your pores. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and then start to cleanse. You’ll get the best results from ones that use similar compounds to those found in chemical exfoliation products. These will be able to get into your pores and better break up any makeup clogging them. This is incredibly important to helping protect your skin’s health in the immediate future. Lastly, you’re going to want to find an actual exfoliation product. Providing you didn’t exfoliate the day before, carefully exfoliate your face after cleansing for further cleanliness. This is the best way to ensure that you’ve gotten rid of all the makeup that you can. Next you’ll need to focus on countering the effects of this and what that caked on makeup was doing to your skin.

Nourishing Your Skin
Our skin is never in good shape after we’ve slept in makeup. It is dry, often sensitive, and likely suffering a bit of damage. That’s where proper aftercare comes into play. One of the best things you can do for your skin is this case is to apply a healthy mask. Generally you want one that is at once nourishing and hydrating to help make up for your mistake. Vitamins A, C, and E are all good ingredients to see in a mask in this matter. You can get away with one of your usual masks for helping to keep your skin healthy, but we do recommend avoiding oil controlling clay masks in this case. Your skin will be sensitive after the thoroughly cleaning and any additional exfoliation from the mask might serve to simply irritate your skin more. After your mask, rinse your skin thoroughly. We recommend applying a serum now. This will provide your skin with the most potent care you can give it for the boost it will need to help secure its health. After this, you’re almost done.

Woman removing makeup

Wearing your makeup overnight leeches moisture out of your skin and in turn prevents ambient moisture from reaching it if the air in your home isn’t too dry. The end result is dried out skin. We’ve tried to counter that without middle step recommending that you potentially utilize a hydrating mask, but you shouldn’t stop there. You want to get your favorite moisturizer and apply it after the previous steps. This will help seal moisture into your skin and thereby make it a little less sensitive. That is going to be sadly necessarily given the thorough cleaning you will have just given your skin. We recommend touching things up throughout the day to help ensure that your skin is consistently hydrated. Don’t overdo it though. Maintaining a healthy level of moisture will let your skin recover faster, but using too much moisturizer risks causing breakouts in the immediate future that will just make your skin’s recovery harder.

There are plenty of good reasons why we so strongly recommend that no one sleep with their makeup on. It only ends up hurting your skin and the extent of the problems can end up lasting for weeks. You can make a last ditch effort to help prevent the problems with appropriately intense care after you wake up, but trust us on the fact that it is always better to leave makeup wipes by your bedside or somewhere else you’ll notice them before passing out in bed. Prevention is always better than cleaning up the mess.

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