Makeup is a beautiful thing. It helps us cover up areas where we feel nature has made a mistake to provide ourselves with that extra boost of confidence. Happily, we also get to cover up our own mistakes like those nights when we get relatively little sleep. Makeup may be useful, but it does come with a tradeoff. We need to remember to remove the makeup at the end of the day or whenever we’re going to sleep. This is important and yet many of us end up neglecting it. This is not a winning skincare combination. It can and will damage your skin. Warning you like this is all well and good and yet it falls short of giving you a clear “why” and “how”. Let’s cover those particular answers in detail so that you have a very clear idea of why your skin is being hurt and the specific kinds of damage that you can expect.

Clean Skin is Happy Skin
Your skin is a living thing. It is one of your largest organs and has its own complex processes that it goes through daily to keep itself healthy. Leaving your makeup on can actually damage these processes in a number of ways. It is especially problematic as your skin, like the rest of your body, uses when you sleep as an intensive recovery period to fix issues while your movement isn’t causing more of them. Makeup’s potential problems start with how they create a seal on the skin and continue on through their ability to help cultivate environments on your skin that play host to bacteria. Makeup was never meant for to be constantly worn by anyone. The damage and disruption it causes are relatively minor at first, but you’ll start seeing the issues if you keep forgetting to wash it over before you sleep for too long.

A Clumpy Mess
The chemical composition of makeup varies, but the seal it creates is often fairly consistent. This is a bit issue with facial skin due to the fact it can be quite sensitive. Your makeup can end up blocking moisture from reaching your skin at the same time that it soaks up your own natural oils. This leads to areas where the makeup begins to clump together with dead skin and dirty to create a pore clogging mess. We all know what happens when our pores get clogged and it isn’t attractive at all. Notably, this also comes up with moisturizing makeup in that its continued moisture throughout the day also means it is trapping the pollutants and irritants you pass through each day and holding them close to your skin. This is likely responsible for introducing more free radicals into your skin. All of these reasons are just the start of your potential problems though.

Infection and Discoloration
All that product clumping actually creates the next problem too. Clogged pores and the areas beneath clumping makeup are all the perfect environments for the formation of bacteria. Acne is the most frequent results, but makeup clumping in other places can cause different bacterial issues as well. Eye makeup in particular can lead to eye infections if you leave it on for too long. That is its own aesthetic nightmare. If all that isn’t bad enough, remember how makeup wasn’t meant to be worn without being removed regularly? The formulas reflect that. Wearing some makeup for too long can lead to skin discolorations if you’re not careful. This typically only occurs with lower quality products, but we’ve all been in a hurry and grabbed “what works” before. Doing that and then forgetting to take off your makeup can lead to irritated, discolored patches of skin. All of this makes sleeping with your makeup on quite unattractive.

It is time to stop worrying and catch our collective breath. The worst of these effects require you to forget to wash off your makeup regularly. You can easily prevent them simply by removing your makeup. Make a habit of rinse your makeup off before you go to bed each night or set makeup remover somewhere where you’ll see it before your go to bed as a reminder. Good habits will prevent all the issues we’ve discussed and let you enjoy the confidence makeup provides with none of the problems.

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