Moisturizing is one of those basic skincare things that everyone warns you that you need to do but doesn’t necessarily tell you why. That is one of the big problems of early skincare lessons. Everyone tells you to do things without necessarily telling you why. When this gets combined with some advice being less than good, it is entirely understandable that some of us end up choosing not to moisturize. This isn’t a healthy choice for your skin. Yes, it is naturally good at retaining moisture for a lot of your life, but age and countless other little things degrade this ability. Moisturizing is about helping keep your skin healthy despite these problems. Without it, you are endangering yourself to many potential issues that you might not expect. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more prominent ones so that everyone has a better idea of the consequences of not moisturizing.

Oily Skin
This may seem counter-intuitive, but not moisturizing enough can actually lead your skin to become oilier than it otherwise might. Your skin naturally secretes oils to keep itself moisturized, but when this isn’t enough your skin begins to dry out. Human skin is as complex as any other organ of the body and as a result, it has a way of trying to maintain the proper balance. Skin that dries out too much triggers your skin to secrete even more oil than usual to help make up for the shortfall. This typically doesn’t end up going well for anyone’s skin. It increases the chances for acne and other forms of skin blemishes turning up by fostering an environment that encourages bacterial growth. You also have to worry about the unpleasant looking oily sheen rather than a healthy glow. This is far from the only thing you need to worry about if you choose not to moisturize too.

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Cumulative Issues
Moisturizing properly is particularly important if you are otherwise following most skincare advice. This is because a lot of the products that we use daily have the potential for drying the skin out or otherwise irritating it if one’s skin is fully healthy. A good example of this is the many cleansing and exfoliating products. Many of these utilize alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid, or salicylic acid in them to help chemically remove impurities from the surface of the skin and from within pores. These compounds are very good at what they do, but they also disrupt that nature oil secretion we highlighted earlier by breaking the oils down too. This can end up leading to the oily skin problem again. Additionally, using products too often can dry the skin out even more rapidly and sensitize it. This will make it more susceptible to all forms of damage and irritation. Moisturizing helps to counterbalance all of this and prevents it from getting out of hand.

Wrinkles in the Plan
Your skin relies on the moisture it is trying to retain to help keep itself healthy, fill itself out some, and otherwise, keep your skin pliable. As we’ve highlighted earlier, drier skin tends to be more sensitive and can eventually become sensitized if it gets too dry. What you might not know is, technically, you damage your skin a little every time you move a limb or, in the case of your face, any muscles. This is because you’re folding your skin on some level and thereby damaging the underlying collagen that helps to both give the skin form and seal in moisture. You’re constantly causing damage by being alive. Don’t worry though! That’s what your body expects and is exactly why it tries to keep your skin at a healthy level of hydration. Once it starts getting too dry, all that damage starts getting magnified and wrinkles will begin to appear faster. You’ll also likely notice any wrinkles or fine lines that are already present getting deeper quickly as you deplete the underlying collagen more. Keeping your skin moisturized to minimize damage is crucial to fighting the signs of aging for this very reason.

Moisturizing one’s skin is as vital as people tell you it is at all points in your skincare journey. It isn’t just a thing everyone does because someone who came before them told them it was a good idea. Professionals have very clear and precise reasons for advising everyone moisturize. We’ve only highlighted a few of the potential problems too. That fact alone should be enough to provide sufficient motivation for anyone to remember to moisturize and take care of their skin properly.

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