A lot of beauty advice revolves around choosing just the right products for your skin. Creams and lotions are all familiar ways for people to get a product due to how commonly they get used. Serums are a little different. You likely recognize them as the more expensive options on most shelves of beauty products. Everyone espouses how good they can be for your skin, but not everyone really takes the time to explain what they are and what they do though. OROGOLD is making that time so that you can understand why a serum is good for your skin. Despite being a different kind of product, serums genuinely aren’t that different from what you’re used to when you start looking at the ingredients.

Concentrated Power
The first thing to understand is that a serum, in essence, is what happens when you take away most of the base in many beauty products. Lotions and creams all use typically inactive ingredients to achieve their particular textures. They do include all the helpful ingredients you likely looked for on the label as well, but not in the highest concentrations. A serum, by contrast, is substantially more fluid as it uses mainly active ingredients in the bottle. The result is often a liquid or almost liquid product that you carefully apply to your skin. Most serums emphasize the use of only a small portion of the product per use. This typically pea-sized drop is more than enough to benefit your skin thanks to the potent concentration of active ingredients.

As a result of this concentrated power, many serums are primarily specialized moisturizers. They help target specific kinds of skin to deliver a potent combination of ingredients designed to benefit a particular problem. OROGOLD has its own share of serums that do just this. A good example is the 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum. The product contains vitamin C, an ingredient known to help boost collagen production and others helps clean the skin some as well. Most serums work just like this. The trick to using any serum right is picking it based on what you need from the serum. The concentration of ingredients ensures you’re likely to experience results, but it needs to be properly matched to your skin’s needs for the best results.

Lightweight Care
One of the other benefits to serums is that they can actually be kinder to problem skin than other options. Oily skin has a particular problem with heavier products like lotions or creams. They can help trap the natural oils in such skin and lead to more breakouts even with the best of intentions. Serums, by contrast, benefit from being stripped down versions of similar lotion and cream products. There isn’t enough body to them to end up blocking the skin. As long as you’ve cleansed properly, it lets your skin get the same benefits as others without needing to worry as much about whether you’ll wake up to a breakout and need to switch to your acne fighting products.

Serums, as you can tell, aren’t really mysteries. They are the same products that everyone else is used to using without anything extra getting in the way of their effects. This makes them potent whether you’re using them normally or simply as a booster to your usual product. OROGOLD does strongly recommend you always read the instructions on serums to make sure you are neither wasteful of them nor misuse them. Powerful products always mean taking care to use them appropriately to avoid hurting your skin. A serum may be just what you need to get the best results with problem skin though.

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