Taking care of yourself generally has a few well worn connotations for most of us. These are typically eating right and exercising. Maybe that’s why we have such a hard time remembering them. After all, if we’re continually told something it someone seems to lose importance right up until it gains it again. This is typically when we’re facing an immediate crisis and someone is telling the same advice to use yet again. Everything makes sense in the right light. Unfortunately, we need to expand our ideas of wellness beyond simply the well-being of our bodies. Our minds are equally important. The two are actually linked as ill-health in one area will affect the other. Figuring out the best ways to balance out the various areas we need to focus on for wellness tends to be a difficult proposition as we seldom have a complete picture of what we need to do for our health. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips for you.

The Twin Faces Of Health
We want to emphasize the importance of caring for all sides of your health by looking at how they’re interlinked. There’s a mental health problem in Western culture where people are told that something is “all in their head” and that they need to simply get over it. Mental illness frequently has root physical causes in the mind that we’re still piecing together. Chemical imbalances in the mind appear to be what leads to many forms of depression. Key genetics can express the traits of particular issues of the mind. Chronic stress causes the continual release of hormones that directly affect the body. All of these are instances of the physical and mental being intertwined. The same is true in the reverse sense too. If you don’t take good care of yourself, your body tends to feel weaker and more sluggish. This translates into how one feels mentally. It becomes more difficult to think. Cognition becomes impaired by poor nutrition and circulation. There is no escaping the fact that one must take care of the body as well as the mind.

Mindful Habits
Taking care of your mental health can take a lot of forms. The easiest ones involve making sure you set aside time for yourself. You do deserve and need time to pursue your passions. These are what support you through days where you’re doing things that don’t align to them. Make the time to ensure you feel like you’re pursuing your own desires to the best of your ability. You’ll also want to see about making time for others.

Lunch date with friends

Introverts have friends too! Make a lunch date or something else, but make sure to ensure that you seek out and make the time to spend with the people important to you. As social creatures, humans do need that time to help maintain a healthy outlook on life and overall look after themselves well. Consider trying to pick up new skills as well. Classes are good for this. You can socialize and keep your mind active at the same time. Practicing a hobby that involves others can work as well. In essence, you need to allow yourself to be human to take good care of yourself. Taking breaks is a must.

A Better Body
Your body is what most of the advice you’ve gotten over the years centers on. Eating right is a bit more difficult than we’d like to think given our bodies actively reward us for eating unhealthy things. Fatty and sugary foods taste great for a reason. They’re full of energy and our body thinks we need it even if all the food we could want is readily available all the time. This problem ends up making eating healthier as much about breaking yourself of bad habits as it is changing what you eat. The ideal diet tends to be a mixture heavy on vegetables with a decent amount of fruit as well. Fruit you have to be careful about given the high concentration of sugars. There is a place for meat in such a diet, but ultimately it should only make up a minor amount of your diet to minimize any issues. Exercise is a little easier overall. All you really need to do is figure out how to motivate yourself to get out there and take a brisk walk for half an hour to an hour and a half depending on your fitness goals. Picking a nice park and getting walking won’t take too much effort. Don’t push yourself too hard though. Remember you want a sustainable habit.

Caring for your brain and body is achievable and desirable. Both of them are linked together in such as a way as to be inseparable. Both good and ill health habits affect each side. You can easily adopt a lifestyle that promotes good overall wellness by remembering to care for all of you instead of just half of you. Taking these steps will make your life overall healthier and happier.

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