You body needs vitamins to live and heal. Some of those vitamins do things that are more apparent than others though. OROGOLD ensures every knows about the benefits of vitamins E and C, but we don’t always touch on the importance of vitamin B. Vitamin B is technically a simplification though. When speaking about it, you should technically think of it as “the B vitamins” as it represents an entire family of vitamins. These each play their own role in ensuring you have a healthy, functioning body. Not all of them are immediately relevant to skin care, but some are and provide for even more than that. With that in mind, these are some benefits of B vitamins.

Some B vitamins play an active role in regulating how much energy you have at any given moment. They help break down carbohydrates and distribute them effectively across the body. This is vital to the functioning of your body, yes, but they have another benefit as well. These vitamins actually provide the materials for manufacturing different cells in the body. Your immune system, your hormones, and even your entire circulatory system need B vitamins to accurately function. These keep you healthy and energized while distributing nutrients through your body. In this way, B vitamins are one of the more important vitamins you can eat thanks to their support of so many bodily functions. Without it, you’d likely be sick often and feel highly lethargic.

Skin, Hair, and Nail Health
This is one you’ve probably heard of before, but possibly didn’t know it was a B vitamin. The Biotin supplements you see in stores are better known to scientists as vitamin B7. It is frequently credited in some circles as supporting your skin’s overall health and promoting a healthy glow. Additionally, it may play some role in maintaining the overall health of your nails and the physical strength of hair. The exact strength of these connections is still being investigated, but what is out there is appears tentatively positive. OROGOLD recommends consulting your dermatologist or doctor if you’re interested in seeing if biotin supplementation might be of use to you.

Remember how B vitamins help regulate your hormones? This can very easily affect your mood. Several B vitamins are linked in this area, and the science about their effects is quite solid. You need a steady supply of multiple B vitamins to help ensure you’re capable of sleeping properly and maintaining an even mood. There are some links that suggest B vitamins help play a role in fighting chronic mood disorders like depression as well. Tentative links have been drawn between some B vitamins and the prevention of memory loss as well. It is difficult to overall say the full extent to which B vitamins help regulate your mood, but the science indicates there are enough that you will not only feel a deficiency in both your body and your mind.

B vitamins often seem to get ignored and it doesn’t do them justice. These vitamins are as crucial as any other vitamin to ensuring total body health. Taking proper care of yourself requires eating diets rich in a diverse array of vitamins though, and OROGOLD encourages you to consider a diverse diet over focusing solely on B vitamins. You may not remember them often, but these vitamins will go on tirelessly supporting your quest to be the best you possible.

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