Dark spots can be extremely frustrating to deal with, especially since they can often take some time to fade, whatever their cause may be. Luckily, OROGOLD is here with the ultimate concealer routine to cover up your dark spots, for a smooth, even and radiant complexion.

Using a Color-Neutralizing Concealer
This routine, as all of them should, begin with cleansing your face before patting it dry and applying some moisturizer. Next, use a liquid foundation, of a shade that is as similar to your skin color as possible, all over your face. While it may be tempting to focus on your dark spots, OROGOLD doesn’t advise that you do this just yet. The foundation is designed to even out the overall color of your skin, so ensure that it is blended in well all over your face. Next, choose a color-neutralizing concealer based on the dominant color of your dark spots. If they are slightly red, a mint green concealer should be used, while if they have a yellowish tint then choose a lilac or pale green concealer. If your dark spots are just dark, then a yellow or orange should do the trick. You are likely to need more than one color to do the job, using a red-based concealer for a brown spot, but then using a mint-green product to dilute down the red. Next, with a concealer that matches your skin tone or is a shade lighter, dab the stick directly onto your dark spots, blending in all of these different shades with your finger. If your dark spots are still visible, don’t give up, simply repeat the process until your dark spots can no longer be seen. Once you are satisfied, brush some powder onto your face, as this will help to seal in all of your makeup and prevent the concealer from smudging or fading.

Using a BB Cream Base
BB creams can be extremely useful, helping out when it comes to evening out the skin tone and covering up darker areas, but giving you a complexion that looks quite natural. After you’ve cleansed and applied your moisturizer, apply a coat of primer all over your face. Follow this up with a layer of BB cream. There are many different shades and tints available, so spend some time choosing one that perfectly matches your skin tone. Next, use a concealer that has heavy pigmentation on your dark spots. A concealer that is orange or pink toned will help to cover up brown, purple or blue toned spots on your face.

There are many different types of concealers out there, so if you haven’t been able to successfully cover up your dark spots yet, then it is likely that you just need to use a different concealer. Don’t forget to regularly exfoliate and use products that will help with lightening your dark spots, because the sooner you are able to permanently fade them, the less you will need to worry about trying to cover them up!

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    • Sharon Welch

      Great information. Should continue exfoliating skin to aid in diminishing spots. Perhaps to get the spot eliminator from orogold soon.

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