Trying to keep our lives in order can be a difficult task. There are so many things we need to do on any given day that it sometimes feels like things are slipping beyond our control bit by bit. This has a less than perfect effect on our mood. Needing a little pick-me-up now and again doesn’t make you weak, frivolous, or any of those others words that people try to use to discredit self-care. What it means is that you’re a person dealing with the difficulties of life. That’s enough to get anyone down occasionally. With that in mind, it helps to try to remember a few things you can do for an instant pick-me-up when you need it. We’ve got a few suggestions that will work well for most people. Not all of them will work for everyone, but we’ve tried to pick a decent spread of options to ensure the broadest possible appeal.

Woman exercising at home

Wait a minute, we know this isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you’re feeling a little down, but it can be surprisingly good for you. Exercise helps make the body do its job a little more effectively. It has to keep up with demand for a little bit and this involves tweaking how a few things are operating. Exercise can, after a little while, will actually help you feel better. Your body will release endorphins into your body to help combat some of the pain from potential straining. These not only help you to dull physical pain, but they actually help you to feel a little better too by creating a slight mental boost. Runners, in particular, are known to refer to it as a “runner’s high”, but anyone can get the effect with a bit of vigorous exercise. Just pick something that you know you can manage and exercise for at least half an hour. You may find yourself feeling better sooner than you expect.

Woman with pet cat

Quality Time
There are few things as potentially uplifting as spending a little time with the people you care about. Unfortunately, it isn’t always as feasible as we’d like. Other people, like us, have busy schedules that they have to stick with to maintain their day to day lives. Fortunately, our animals companions typically don’t. Spend a little time with your favorite pet, whether they’re a cat, dog, or some other animal, as that can give a fairly quick energy and mood boost. Most studies of this effect have been for people with pets of a fuzzier and cuddlier variety, but much of the time a strong part of the potential boost comes from a perceived emotional connection to our animal companion regardless of their species. Admittedly, you can always cheat and find a nearby cat or puppy cafe. All the fuzzy companionship you could want with a light snack can go a long way towards helping build up your mood too.

Woman enjoying dessert

Treat Yourself
Nothing is quite so good for an instant pick-me-up as remembering that you can treat yourself to something that pleases you on a whim. Retail therapy can be a wonderful way to give yourself a quick boost in mood. By all means, get something small that catches your eye and enjoy it for what it is. Consider going out for a treat of your favorite food whether it is a dessert or not. The key here is doing something small that is still a meaningful and positive step for you. Something that can bring you a little bit of happiness even when you’re feeling down. Yes, that means you should give yourself permission to enjoy that treat you avoid because it isn’t the healthiest thing in the world. A brief moment or so of indulgence can be all that it takes to help get your mood and your day back in order. Remember that you are, in fact, worth it and deserve to have something nice every now and then.

A pick-me-up is sometimes necessary to get through a day or a week. After all, life can be hard sometimes. Remembering that and allowing for you to enjoy yourself can go a long way towards letting you take good care of yourself. Self-care is part of living too and we all need it now and again no matter who we are.

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