In addition to being able to relieve stress, boost the health and improve the quality of sleep, yoga is also known for being an effective natural energy booster, and is able to release any energy that has been blocked up along the spine. Making full use of breathing and movement, these yoga poses are guaranteed to help energize and reinvigorate your body.

Downward Facing Dog/ Adho Mukha Svanasana
One of the most recognized of yoga poses in the West, the Downward Facing Dog is a basic pose that will energize your entire body, and can be practiced by a beginner. Simply bend over on all fours, forming a table shape, with your back as the top of the table and your hands and feet as the legs. As you breathe out, lift up your hips and straighten your knees and elbows, forming an inverted V-shape and pressing your hands into the ground. Widen your shoulder blades but keep your neck stretched, touching your ears to your inner arms. While holding this pose, look towards your naval and take long, deep breaths. By stretching the muscles in the chest, this pose increases lung capacity, and brings strength and energy to the whole body. It is also known to be able to calm the mind, relieving any fatigue.

Upward Plank/ Purvottanasana
The Upward Plank is a great pose to practice in the morning, with many stating that it is just as energizing as a strong cup of coffee. This pose stretches your body from head to toe, relieving tension in all of the muscles. In addition to strengthening the legs, shoulders and core, the upward plank recalibrates the musculoskeletal system, and gives your mood a strong boost. To try this pose, sit down with your legs in front of you, putting your hands a few inches behind your hips, and your fingers pointed towards your feet. As you exhale, press your hands down and begin lifting your hips, engaging the back of your legs and keeping your feet and toes ground to the floor. If you are able to, drop your head back gently before holding the pose for a few breaths.

King Dancer/ Natarajasana
The King Dancer pose is a beautiful display of structure and movement, and while it may seem quite difficult, it does not take much practice to master. A pose that symbolizes the ancient dance of Shiva, natarajasana will not only give your body some extra energy, but also improve your concentration and focus, as well as your balance and flexibility. To begin with, stand with your feet slightly apart, and use your right hand to take hold of your left foot. Push this foot into your hand gently as your raise your leg, leaning forwards. Using your other hand, reach outwards, raising it slightly, but ensure that your hips remain facing forwards. The key to this pose is to make sure that the standing leg is completely straight, as this is much more important than the height at which your other leg is being lifted.

Yoga gets the whole circulatory system moving, re-awakening the nervous system and bringing new energy and life into the body. Whether you need a morning pick-me-up or a midday boost, these poses will bring a new sense of vitality into your day.

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