Getting away from it all is an important part of life. Sometimes even getting away for the weekend is really all we need. That does mean that we need to know how to pack appropriately to keep looking our best when traveling. A good habit to get into is keeping some beauty essentials in your basic travel bag so that you’re ready regardless of where you’re going. A few standard items can cover many basic beauty needs without you needing to worry about frantically scrambling to find something that you’re missing. Narrowing down what actually counts as a necessity can be difficult given all the items and products available to us. We’ve got a few recommendations for you to consider when putting together your beauty essentials. We’re going to cover a few broad categories of products with these recommendations. Try to pick out the version that best suits your needs for your particular kit. With a little luck, you may just get an idea you hadn’t thought of already.

This is one all-purpose addition suitable for everyone. We all need to take care of some unwanted hairs from time to time and a razor will do just that. Yes, the tweezers in your makeup bag will do for smaller offenders, but they aren’t going to help you keep your skin smooth when you most when you most want it. We recommend looking into various options for travel-sized razors. These tend to have a compact profile that is easy to store for travel and keep out of the way of your other items. Additionally, some of your options have their own small cases that help seal and protect the actual razor component or offer extra blade storage. This can be important if you’re going on a protracted trip and have a particular brand that works best for you. We chose a razor as it is harder to get a good razor than it is to find a cream or gel to help shave any given area. So keep this in mind as a potential essential.

Woman removing makeup

Makeup Removers
These might normally be something you’d stuff in your makeup kit, but a lot of us favor packing in further bits of makeup instead. After all, we can just remove the makeup with water, right? That’s both not always true and more often than not just a little bit rougher than we’d like on our skin when we do try it. Keep some makeup wipes handy in your travel bag to help offset things. You need to thoroughly remove your makeup to ensure your skin has the opportunity to be healthy. Failing to remove makeup properly for too long is asking for problems to gradually build up and cause breakouts or other problems. You have the luxury of having plenty of choices in size and overall shape in this matter. We recommend favoring packaged wipes as they’re the easiest to store with whatever space you have left over. A bottled remover requires further pads or cotton balls to be of use to you and as a result takes up more space overall.

Dry Shampoo
If we’re honest, we don’t always have all the time that we’d like to have even when we’re traveling. We generally want to look our best even if we don’t quite have all the time that we thought we did when we started. Dry shampoo is a good way to help cut back on the time you need to spend in a given day. It lets you wash your hair quickly without ever needing to hop in the shower. A good dry shampoo will help clean up and minimize oil when it starts to get unsightly while still helping to promote good scalp health. It is particularly useful if you have a special kind of shampoo that you prefer to use under most other circumstances, but run out while traveling. The goal of this pick is partly utility and partly the add beauty boost you can get out of being able to touch up your hair at almost any time. It makes a getaway that much easier on your. Dry shampoo frequently takes up a little less room and weighs a bit less than more traditional shampoos.

Packing the beauty essentials into a travel bag is a fairly personal thing. Our bodies and our beauty each need particular care that we learn over time. There are a few useful products that all of us should consider adding as an essential though. These are good for helping to maintain our appearance and our skin’s health even while traveling. Finding what works best for your will ultimately lead you to better overall skincare regardless of where you’re traveling.

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