There are plenty of reasons that we can end up drawn to adding a little extra to our hair and nails. So many options are out there that promise to help us make these two features stand out and help us look our best. That can sometimes lead to us using options that are harsh on our hair and nails. Eventually, we begin to notice the damage that does and end up wanting to fix it. Transitioning to natural hair and nails tends to be the best way to achieve this. It lets you return the hair and nails to how they were before you started using various treatments. Don’t mistake this for a quick process. Your hair and nails will need to grow out again before all the damage can be undone, but you can do it. All it takes it ensuring that you’re caring for your hair and nails properly along the way. We have a few tips on how to do just that.

Hair and nails that have been subjected to harsher treatments to have a fair amount of damaged hair and nails clinging to them. The first goal for most of us is going to be correcting this. Get your hair trimmed back to trim off the dead or damaged ends of your hair. This will help remove a section of unhealthy hair and give you a jump start on getting your hair back to a healthy, natural look. Your nails are not that different in this regard, but you can often see visible damage if you’ve used acrylic nails or used nail polish too frequently. Trim your nails back close to the tip of your finger to minimize the amount of your nails available to take further damage. Remember that damaged nails are brittle and easier to scratch or break than healthy nails. Keeping them trimmed short like this over the course of your nails growing out again is ideal as it will help you avoid common problems and ensure your nails have the best chance at healthy growth.

Damaged nails and hair both need a lot of moisturizing to help them return to health. Straightening treatments, excessive dye, acrylic nails, nail polish, and all the other little treatments that change our hair and nails tend to leave them dry and damaged. That’s why moisturizing is important. Recovering hair can benefit immensely from regular deep conditioning as a result. This will help gradually get your hair back to a healthy, natural shine without excess dryness. You’ll likely also find it to be less brittle over time as a result. Nails tends to be in a particularly harsh situation though. The cuticle is part of the nail and that super thin area of skin is easily damaged. Remember to regularly apply cuticle oil to help restore your cuticles. They may not seem like much, but health cuticles are part of what makes natural nails so attractive. Take your time and remember to keep the area properly moisturized as your nails grow back in.

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The last vital element of transitioning back to natural hair and nails is intuitive, but a lot of us have a problem with it. Protect your hair and nails as they’re trying to grow back in healthy and fresh. Without protection, you’ll make the damage last longer and can end up having new issues to deal with over time. Avoid excessive styles when it comes to your hair. Favor simple, relaxed looks that allow your hair to have a style, but avoid causing any notable damage to it. Loose braids and similar styles tend to be fairly viable for people with straighter hairs, but those with curly hair can typically just tend to their curls for a similarly healthy result. Nails are similar in this regard. You’ll likely benefit from products that help to smooth out the nail and provide an extra layer of support. These can products for healing the nail or a treatment like a gel polish. The goal is to reinforce and protect the nail as it grows out. Don’t get gel polish treatments too often though. Remember that your nail needs to recover and have time to grow back in without that kind of stress.

Transitioning to natural hair and nails can be a daunting task for those of us who have spent a lot of time enjoying various treatments. It feels like we’re sacrificing some of the things that help us look our best. That’s why it is always worth reminding yourself that natural hair and nails can be just as beautiful. Returning to them can be a time-consuming process, but doing it correctly will let your natural beauty shine for all to see.

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