Over time, OROGOLD Cosmetics has come across a number of statements made by its customers with regards to certain aspects of the skin. Many of these myths have often been considered to be standard advice in the world of skin care. You might have heard some from those 20 something magazines while others might have been handed out over the generations. Most of these myths are nothing more than old wives’ tales and some might boast of having solid evidence. Nonetheless, all of these tips are extremely misleading and nothing but myths. OROGOLD tries to debunk some of the most common myths from the world of skin care.

Bottle of suncreen on a sunny beach beside the ocean.Skin Care Myth # 1 – You should start using the sunscreens as soon as the summer months arrive

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. You’ve already made a huge mistake if you’ve skipped on your sunscreens when it’s broad daylight. Sunscreens are a 365 days a year job and irrespective of the season, you need to be using sunscreens. Sun damage begins with the moment your skin is exposed to the UV rays of the sun, and the rays which come in through your windows can be as bad as the ones that beam down on you outside your homes. So if you’re really serious about your skin and your looks, you need to be wearing sunscreens each and every day of the year.

Skin Care Myth # 2 – Drinking water helps you to flush your toxins and hydrate your skin

Drinking water is extremely essential for your health and your skin, but no one has managed to get rid of their skin issues simply by drinking water. And what toxins are we talking about? The only part of the body which flushes toxins from the body is the liver. These toxins are certainly not coming out of your pores.

Skin Care Myth # 3 – Natural products are always better

Here at OROGOLD, we are major fans of natural plant extracts, but this doesn’t mean that natural ingredients are always the best for the skin. With all the hype and popularity surrounding skin care, many people actually end up using new plant ingredients which have very minimal research to actually prove their benefits. Moreover, the world is already full of ingredients that have a lot of research to back them up in terms of caring for your skin. So why would you simply boost the sales of companies that don’t even offer you with the right ingredients simply because some blog or magazine told you that it’s amazing for your skin?

Product jarSkin Care Myth # 4 – Products should always be kept in jars

There are a number of ingredients that offer your skin with proven benefits, but the moment you put them in jars, they become less effective. This is because many  skin care  ingredients are known to be extremely sensitive to air. This means that the moment you take off the lid, the products start to deteriorate. To answer your question, not all products should be kept in jars. In fact, some shouldn’t be kept in jars at all.

Skin Care Myth # 5 – Dermatologist tested products are the most effective ones

Many brands boast of being “Dermatologist tested”, but this doesn’t really tell you anything. Many people believe that experts always know the best, and in most cases that is true. However, what people don’t know is that the dermatologists have very little insights about the products that they recommend. In reality, they’re mostly trained to tackle and deal with skin diseases. Moreover, many of these dermatologists are paid by skin care brands for their reviews. Thus, there’s just no point in taking the “dermatologist tested” logo seriously.

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