With spring finally here, we’re all starting to change out or wardrobes and enjoy the sun more. That means lighter clothing overall and finally breaking out those sandals and similar shoes to show off our feet. Admittedly, most of us don’t want to show off winter feet. The lack of care that generally happens thanks to us not having as many reasons to keep our feet looking nice in winter tends to add up. Pedicures can quickly solve that problem. The combination of various aspects of foot care goes a long way towards helping to bring life back to our feet and get every aspect of them looking good. That does bring with in the renewed worry of figuring out how we make a good pedicure last even as we actively go about living. Spring means time by the pool and at the beach again. We’ve got a few tips to help you get your toes perfectly pedicured and learn to protect them properly so you can be sure all of you looks as good as you want this spring.

Getting The Perfect Pedi
The perfect pedi is one of those elusive things that we spend a lot of time trying to find. Many of us have done our share of at-home attempts to get what we want, but it never quite measures up to the level of professional care. That’s generally why you want to find a spa or a similarly dedicated place that offers them. You’ll be able to get luxurious care for your feet at the same time that your nails are properly take care of to get them healthy and set for the show. Talk to the person performing your pedicure about particular steps you or they can take that can make your pedicure last longer. This is especially true when it comes to those of us who like to have patterned nail polish or similarly obvious looks. Anything that can be done during the process will help, yes, but the professional providing the service will know how best to help the particular tricks they use during the process.

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Surf and Sun
A major part of preserving your pedi is going to be making somewhat obvious choices. The most obvious one is not to go out to the beach or the pool for a day or so after the pedicure. Remember that nail polish and other compounds used during a pedicure need time to work and to set. Once that time has passed, they will generally be relatively strong. You’ll want to minimize the amount of exposure you get them to the sun and water though. You can slightly counteract the sun issues by adding a topcoat of UV resistant polish that will protect the layers under it. This will last for a little while, but too much water, especially chlorinated or sandy water, will wear aware the protection and begin to get to the polish beneath. We encourage you to remember to wear your sandals when going out and about to help prevent accidentally scuffing the nails too.

A Little Work
You can keep your pedi looking fresh and beautiful by putting in a little effort to maintain it as well. This largely means trying to help it keep the proper shape and look for a little longer by having the right tools around. Remember to keep an emery board or similar device around to help you maintain the shape of your nails over time. We all experience those little issues where something gets caught or otherwise needs to be trimmed. Keeping a clean shape will make your pedi last longer and prevent larger scale issues. Additionally, you’ll want to keep remembering to apply an occasional top coat of color to your nails. This can be of the same color, for solid color nails, or a clear topcoat for those of us who favored patterned nails. The key is to simply keep a few more layers between the polish and the outside world. Don’t forget to treat your cuticles to cuticle oil regularly either.

Getting and keeping the perfect spring pedi can be a taxing process. After all, you have to find someone your trust to do the job right and then you need to try to maintain things properly. It isn’t that hard once you get past the first step though. A little basic maintenance becomes routine. Your pedi will eventually need to be renewed though. Just try to set aside the time every so often to update it and you’ll be fine.

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