Over time our skin changes a lot. One of the more subtle ways that it changes is that we end up with spots of darker pigmentation around our skin in response to various factors. Sometimes they’re small sun spots from overindulging in the summer, but other times there are broader areas from skin conditions or a later regretted product purchase. Trying to keep a flawless skin tone often seems like it requires the patience and perseverance of a saint. There’s very little you can do to entirely prevent uneven pigmentation due to it also happening simply as we age, but you can take care of your skin and select products in such a way as to help you minimize the effects of uneven skin tone. OROGOLD has a quick few tips for your to remember the next time you’re wondering what can be done about evening out your pigmentation.

Remember Your Sunscreen
We stress this point a lot in skin care, but it is highly important if you’re worried about skin pigmentation. Sun exposure is the primary cause of pigmentation dots on the skin. It is easier to delay or prevent pigmentation spots than it is to remove them. As a result, wearing sunscreen is both a preventive and a protective measure. You want to be wearing your sunscreen while using any products to lessen the appearance of pigmentation as well. These products sometimes sensitize the skin and make it more susceptible to sun damage and therefore, more spots. Sunscreen will also help prevent any spots you already have from getting darker as long as you wear properly protective sunscreen. Remember that you want broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30.

Try A Targeted Product
Depending on the amount of uneven pigmentation you have, you may be able to get away with using a specialty product. These advertise themselves as skin brightening products. Sometimes they are directly called “spot removers”. OROGOLD wishes to stress that all of these products explicitly work based on repeated treatments. The complete removal of darker pigmentation spots requires powerful treatments. Many of them simply lighten pigmentation to the point a spot is substantially less visible rather than remove them as well. However, these products remain highly useful and are particularly good at their job as that is what they were designed to do. These aren’t always your best option when you have many sources of uneven pigmentation though. Widespread unevenness merits a powerful response that is capable of dealing with all the issues at once.

Try A Peel
Whether at-home or in-office, a peel is actually very useful for addressing skin pigmentation issues at sufficient strengths. Most supervised peels have a skin lightening effect regardless of whether that is what you’re looking for or not. Peels are the most potent forms of exfoliation available. The chemicals involved help the skin shed many layers of dead skin cells and the right ingredients used in combination are capable of fighting an array of skin issues. There are specialized brightening peels available over-the-counter that you may wish to consider if you have more than a handful of pigmentation spots to treat. We strongly encourage you to read the directions of the product carefully before use though. You need to follow them precisely to get the most out of any peeling product.

Uneven skin tone isn’t ideal, but it isn’t the end of the world either. Most of us struggle with ensuring our skin looks smooth and flawless constantly. OROGOLD hopes this helps you remember that a few spots aren’t the end of your skin. They are simply an extra challenge for you to consider when designing your skin care routine.

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