Under-eye circles are one of the chronic problems in beauty. We all do our best to ensure we get enough sleep and stay hydrated, but it isn’t always enough. They creep in anyway and make us look tired and older than we’d like to at any time. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips around that can help you figure out the best ways to conceal those circles. You have a number of options depending on the kind of makeup that you intend to use. The main thing to remember is that you’ll be blending to even tone and will want to ensure that you’re using comparatively light options due to the frequent crinkling around the eyes. Makeup that is too heavy for the area will in turn begin to crinkle and give the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles if you’re not careful. This is one of those times where it serves you well to remember that beauty takes a little effort.

Concealer Is A Must
This is obvious, but it does need to be mentioned. Applying concealer can be the only step you take and it is likely to be enough to disguise those under-eye circles. You have to be careful about applying the concealer though. Don’t apply a heavy concealer. We touched on the dangers of heavier makeup above and it holds true here. A lighter product will serve you best. The key to selecting the concealer comes down to your skin tone though. Under-eye circles can be neutralized by matching them to the appropriate tone of concealer. In general, this tends to be a shade just a tad darker than your actual skin tone. It should help to both work against the color of the circles and disguise that they’re even there by making things look like a play of the light rather than too little sleep. You can apply the powder here and call if done if you want, but you could also improve on it further.

Lightening The Area
Using a slightly dark shade of concealer may help neutralize dark circles, but it leaves some of us feeling we can still see the circles that way. You can work around this though. You’re going to want another light concealer though or an easily spread brightening product. Apply it lightly throughout the area to help add that extra bit of color to the area. It should help to correct the area without actually exposing the dark circles. You will want to give the original concealer a little time to dry though. This is to make sure that you don’t smudge that undercoat or mix it with the new shade and thereby defeat the purpose. A two-step process isn’t normally required though. This is largely for those of us with a heritage that inclines us to get especially dark circles.

Seal It Properly
The obvious step after all that concealer, if you didn’t do it already, is to apply a power and set things so that they’re sealed against the day. Before you do this though, carefully examine the area to make sure nothing has crinkled. Take the time to smooth the area before you set things or you’ll deal with the problem all day. The kind of powder you choose to use with affect the look of things as well. If you’re not up to layering concealer, this is a good time to apply a lighter colored powder to brighten up the area. It will have a similar effect, but not necessarily as pronounced as using that extra bit of concealer. Using that extra concealer typically means you’re going to want to favor a translucent or invisible setting powder to achieve the job. It will help hold things together without adding to the appearance.

Neutralizing dark circles under your eyes isn’t the hardest makeup goal, but it can be tricky. Concealer is the basic route and what most of us will end up using. You can build on it with a little more concealer to add some healthy color though. Making sure the products are both light will help minimize makeup crinkling and keep you looking fresh throughout the day. Try to be mindful before setting the makeup though so that you ensure the concealer is smooth though to prevent any lasting issues with your look.

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