If we’re lucky, we’ve typically had at least one pet that has not only brighten our lives, but distinctly improved our lives. This is a rare treat as it is as hard to find a good companion as it is to find good friends. Finding one generally ensures the pet is at least one of the centers of our world for the rest of their lives. Whether one of those highly special pets or not, we all love our pets. They’re family and part of what makes life worth living even if we’re all occasionally cranky at one another. Family does mean ensuring our pets as just as comfortably and pampered as we are though. That leads us to take caring for our pets to extremes sometimes, but it always makes for a great story later. Let’s take a look at some of the things we can all do to keep our pets comfortable and beautiful.

Find Time to Play
It may seem obvious, but our lives do often make it hard for us to remember to take the time to engage with our pets more than when we leave and when we get back. This isn’t good for anyone involved Even cats need more than occasional attention. Admittedly, cats won’t always admit to this. Set aside some time out of your day to spend with your pet. It doesn’t matter if you take them for a walk, play with them, or even layer around with them. The key is engaging with your pet. It keeps them mentally active and aware of the fact that they’re valued. All that said, you will probably want to cater quality time to the individual pet. Certain dog breeds are going to want a walk or run to keep healthy and active while other pets may just want attention or a little play. You know your own pet best in this regard.

Give Them Space
Your pet needs a place to crash when they’re tired. It might be hard to tell your sweet-natured pure bred Rottweiler that she can’t sleep on the couch by the time the nap has started, but you can at least encourage getting rest in a proper place. Good beds are available for pets of all sizes with varying levels of utility. Luxury self-warming beds are particularly likely to be cat magnets while you might just want a nice, large padded crate for the aforementioned hypothetical Rottweiler. Your main goal is to make sure that your pet has a comfortable, relaxing place to go when they want to disengage from you and other people. A bed is a good option, but you can even set up a simple dark, quiet place where you pet can simply snooze if they want to during the day. Making sure that space is cool will earn you extra pet love at that.

Groom Them
Almost every kind of pet needs to be groomed occasionally. This largely goes for mammals, but other kinds of pets do have their own hygiene needs as well. Make sure to find out any needs specific to your pet before adopting them. This is necessary to ensure that you know exactly what they need. Some breeds of dog in particular, like the Shar-Pei, have distinct breed-specific hygiene needs that must be met to keep them happy and healthy. For that to work out, you or someone else needs to groom your pet. Baths are necessary for some animals occasionally, but you’ll predominantly just need to give animals a good brushing now and again. This helps clean coats and keep fur nice and tidy. Not only does it reduce the potential shedding in your home, but it keeps the coat shiny and helps prevent unsightly matting for mammals.

Taking good care of pets means looking after their mental and physical well-being. We can go to a lot of ends to do this like purchasing all sorts of luxury beds or fancy grooming tools. This is a form of love in that it shows how dedicated we are to helping our pets be happy too. Don’t let buying gadgets for your pets distract you from the most important thing you can do to pamper your pet though: spend time with them.

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