By now almost everyone knows that collagen plays an important role in your skin’s health. The beauty industry has latched onto the fact and tends to advertise whatever products they can as helping your skin form collagen. That’s just it though. People talk all about how it is important to your skin’s health, but they talk around it. It doesn’t leave anyone with a clear picture on the exact nature of the how collagen helps your skin. Furthermore, people talk all about how vitamin C is wonderful for supporting collagen production in your skin, but don’t explain how. Staying informed enough to take proper care of your skin is a good thing. Sometimes you want to take that extra step though to ensure that you both understand what is good for your skin and why it is good for your skin. With that in mind, we’re going to take a closer look at the relationship between vitamin C and collagen.

What Is Collagen?
Let’s take a brief look at what collagen is before we go any farther. This will make exploring the relationship between it and vitamin C much easier. Collagen, surprisingly to most people, is a somewhat generic name for a form of basic structural protein found within the body. It is used in many places to make collagenous materials. These include parts of tendons, cartilage, bone, and, yes, your skin. Collagen is both incredibly common and vital as a result. The collagen in your skin is primarily a form used to fill in the space between different cells within the body. It is responsible for providing your skin with its actual structure as well as helping to repair and maintain it. Most visible wrinkles and marks in the skin are areas where the collagen was damaged severely at one point and the body was unable to perfectly fix the area. Despite its many forms, collagen is comparatively easy for your body to make with the right materials.

Building a Protein
Each meal you eat is important to your body. This is why you want to eat a balanced diet as a general rule. Your body needs the materials a balanced diet provides it to keep your body working. Every night your body works overtime to repair the damage done to your body in the day. Without the materials for it though, your body suffers. This is important because your body isn’t using the exact things you eat to rebuild you. It breaks them down into different vitamins and nutrients to distribute throughout your body. These, in turn, are either broken down a bit more or modified to create amino acids and other basic building components of the body. Amino acids, in particular, are used to create collagen. This is why getting vitamin C into your body is of particular importance. The vitamin itself is less important than what it can become once your body gets it.

Vitamin C and Your Skin
Whether taken orally or applied topically, vitamin C can benefit your skin. This is because your skin has the means to use the vitamin and break it down to usable components. Topical options are typically better for your skin in the more immediate future though. This is because eating a source of vitamin C leads to your body needs to break down the food itself and extract what it can use from it. Your body then distributes the materials to your entire body instead of one particular area. The specialized functions within your skin are able to do enough with a topical product to immediately turned around and start converting the available nutrients as long as they can get within the skin. Once within the skin, vitamin C supports the production of collagen by having the materials right there and ready to be broken down into the parts necessary to create collagen.

Vitamin C is a good source for the component parts of collagen within the skin. It isn’t the vitamin itself that is actually used to make it. Instead, your cells break down and modify the vitamin to create what they need to help repair your body. Vitamin C is a good source for the materials your body needs. That’s why it is such a popular skincare ingredient and why your skin has such a good relationship with it. Without vitamin C, your body would have a much harder time keeping itself repaired and you happy and health. So remember to have a little fruit or a glass of citrus juice today. Your skin will thank you.

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