The use of luxury ingredients in the world of skin care is nothing new. Things like gold have been used by women across the world for beautifying their skin throughout centuries. Over the years, other luxury ingredients like diamond dust, Mother of Pearl, Caviar and Sea Kelp have also found their way into skin care. One of the main reasons why these ingredients are used in modern day skin care products is that they definitely sound exotic and amazing and help to recreate a luxurious feeling. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have any benefits to offer to the skin. This article from OROGOLD Cosmetics examines just some of the wonders that ingredients like caviar and sea kelp offer to your skin.

Spoonful of black caviarThe Benefits of Using Caviar

Caviar has always been considered as one of the most expensive and one of the most decadent food items in the world. It is usually considered to be a food for the rich and famous. Caviar is often served to impress one’s guests and created with a sense of sophistication and delicacy. This pricey ingredient has also found its way into the world of skin care products and spa treatments because of the kind of skin benefits that it offers. One Hollywood star who is famous for using caviar treatments for her skin care routine is Angelina Jolie. This Hollywood beauty started using caviar creams to deal with the veins in her hands that became very noticeable after a weight loss program and is supposed to be thrilled with the results. Other stars known to swear by the benefits of caviar include Gwenyth Paltrow, Stella McCartney and Mick Jagger.

One of the main benefits that caviar has to offer to your skin are that it contains a number of nutrients like Selenium and Potassium (famous for helping the skin to improve its elasticity) and antioxidants like Vitamins A and E, both of which are known to work wonders in protecting the skin against free radical damage, preventing and reducing the occurrence of wrinkles and correcting your skin issues. Furthermore, this ingredient is very rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids help in preventing cellular inflammation and boost the production of collagen. Caviar is also known to help in enhancing and beautifying the skin.

Pile of sea kelpThe Benefits of Using Sea Kelp  

Did you know that the richness of the sea works wonders for your skin as well? A number of skin care products now contain things like algae, seaweed and sea kelp. This slimy gunk that comes in all shapes and sizes and offers tons of benefits to your skin. A number of studies have shown that things like algae and sea kelp can help in moisturizing your skin and offer you with anti-acne properties as well. Some types of seaweed are also known to help out with skin lightening as well.

So the next time you go skin care product hunting, make sure to look for luxurious ingredients like caviar and sea kelp in your products to actually transform the way your skin looks.

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