Science actually has a lot to do with skincare. We don’t typically think about it because all we generally see are the various products that line the shelves. These provide our daily skincare routine with all its elements and make things easy on us. There are more complicated pieces of skincare that are focused on providing specialty care. Each of these is generally more obviously scientific or technological, but we don’t see them nearly as often. Science is at every level of skincare though whether you can see it obviously or not. We started out simply pulling from the natural world, but over time we have refined them little by little with better techniques. All of these are thanks to the advancement of science. Let’s take a look at the role science in skincare so that you can be better informed and appreciate what all science has done for you.

The Secrets of Nature
Before we began to organize what we formally recognize as science today, people were aware of various elements in the natural world and what they could do for skin. These ingredients are the same natural ingredients we find in many products today. In truth, we find a lot of ingredients in modern skincare in nature. The trick is that we aren’t always able to recognize the plant they come from on a bottle. This is because chemists analyzed and isolated the compounds in the plants that actually benefitted our skin from the ones that didn’t. Learning how to do this allowed for greater precision in skincare with a far smaller chance of causing allergic reactions than simply applying ingredients directly from the nature world. Almost all your products have at least a few ingredients like this. Similarly, science lets us discover the secrets of our skin.

The Secrets of Your Skin
In the distant past, we just knew products were good for our skin without understanding why. Science gradually began to assemble a picture of how our bodies work and how various parts of it work. The structure of our skin is particularly important in today’s era of targeted skincare. We know many signs of aging come from the decrease in collagen and elastin in our skin. We also know how our body stores and processes ingredients that contribute to the product of those compounds. This allows us to appropriately build products that include the ingredients that most support these processes. Learning the secrets of the skin also gave us an idea of how the body stores moisture. This let us derive some ingredients from our own body chemistry that are highly effective at helping our skin. We continue to work to tease out the secrets of the skin to make these even better. Those same secrets have helped us create technology that helps our skin too.

Machines for Beautiful Skin
A readily apparent idea of how science has helped our skin is microdermabrasion. These techniques rely on understanding how the skin sheds and repairs itself regularly. They are designed to help boost that skin without hurting it. Additionally, we learned how to harness lasers to help even skin tone and prompt its overall health. None of this would be possible with a scientific understanding of the skin. Other technologies allow us to remove dark spots or otherwise help the skin when applied correctly. They are often tremendously more effective that any of the all natural options available on the market. This is because, despite being based in science, the skincare itself is based on facts about how skin works that are themselves all natural.

Science is crucial to modern skincare at all levels. It informs our understanding of our skin as well as ensuring that we have the products necessary to keep our skin healthy. The days of rubbing plant juices or paste on our skin as the only means to keep our skin healthy are long gone. If you like having access to targeted care, then remember to thank the skincare scientists of the world.

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