Our changes over our lives. There’s no denying that infants have the softest skin of anyone, but nothing stays the same. After those scant few years, our skin slowly shifts as we grow and loses that utter softness that is associated with infants. Time even slowly takes away the firmness and glow of youth. Age slowly mounts and eventually it becomes hard even for us to believe that the skin in our old pictures in the same skin we have now. But why? OROGOLD can’t explain the full mechanisms of aging as even scientists are working out all that age does to our bodies, but there are specific factors in your skin that shift as you age. One of these is how much collagen is in your skin. Collagen, it turns out, is one of the vital components in keeping a youthful appearance.

Collagen is a structural protein found in the body. It is found in high quantities in the various layers of the skin. In many ways, it is the glue that keeps each section of your skin together and operating as a single, cohesive whole. It also provides shape to your skin on top of this. Most people, whether we like to admit it or not, have a few acne scars left over from when we were teenagers. These acne scars likely came about from ill-advised “solutions” that friends or family suggested to deal with the problem instead of being patient. The reason the scars are “dents” in your skin is because the collagen in the area was permanently damaged and the scar is the result. Obviously, acne scars are single events, but this does bring us back to the problem of aging. Age brings with it a similar kind of problem when it comes to collagen though.

Diminishing Returns
Like most materials in our body, collagen is consistently replaced when an area of the skin has not been damaged. This is why your skin is youthful for so long. The amount of collagen your lose is, more or less, consistently replaced for ages and your skin remains firm and youthful. The mechanisms in your skin begin to wear down as your age though. The process is slow, but gradually your skin has more and more trouble keeping up with the amount of collagen that you lose when compared against the amount that your skin is normally producing. This is why fine lines appear before wrinkles and the thinnest, most sensitive parts of your skin tend to wrinkle first. Damage occurs easiest in those areas. Don’t despair about this though. OROGOLD and other companies do our best to look into how to stimulate your skin’s collagen production.

What You Can Do
Two of the best things you can look for in a product are vitamins C & E. Each of these vitamins are known for the ability to be able to penetrate the skin efficiently when applied topically, but the real benefits are that once they are in your skin they start to boost collagen production. Routine application of these products can create a new level where your skin’s collagen production rests at as long as you keep applying such products. This helps your skin firm back up by filling in areas where wrinkles and fine lines have developed. Additionally, you can try asking for facial massages or learn to give yourself one. These are all about boosting circulation in the skin. Increased blood flow through the skin is also associated with an increase in collagen production. You can’t stop the gradual decrease, but you can mitigate it through good skin care habits and product choices.

Collagen is one of the three main things that your skin needs to remain looking youthful. Moisture and the protein elastin are the other two vital components. Products exists that help you maintain collagen and elastin in your skin, and most of us moisture regularly. OROGOLD doesn’t have a means to stop aging. What we can offer is the means to age with more grace and beauty than nature ever expected. So try to remember how vital collagen is to your skin and don’t neglect supporting its production the next time you’re hunting for new products.

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