Masks enjoy the dubious position of one of the most recognizable parts of skin care. Various movies use them for comedic effect by having characters perplexed of scared by people with one on for the evening or at a spa. They don’t exist for the sake of humor though. Masks enjoy a long history in skin care all the way back to when various civilizations were still figuring things out. You probably know that your masks make your skin feel better, but what precisely do they do? OROGOLD is here to explain the purpose of masks in skin care. You’ve likely already got a good idea, but it never hurts to know the full story. We’ll start with the most prominent part of their use and work our way through others for the complete picture.

The principle purpose of most masks is to moisturize. The ingredients that make them up concentrate on locking in moisture after a soothing shower or bath. This is generally why spas include masks after or during hot bath treatments. The moisture is trapped to both soothe and rejuvenate the skin itself. Skin, in essence, gradually loses its ability to trap moisture with age. This is why moisturizing is always part of a skin care routine. Nothing can give your skin back the full abilities it had as an infant, but you can do your best to keep the skin from drying out as its capability to keep itself properly hydrated fades. Masks, in all their forms, are a good way to achieve this and provide a sustained amount of moisture for the face during their use.

Many masks do more than just moisturize. These skin care products do their best to incorporate additional ingredients that apply skin nourishing ingredients topically. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin E, and various natural oils tend to see a wide use in this matter. Some masks, like our own 24k Vitamin C Mask, have a dominant skin improving ingredient, but also use others to provide more than one benefit. The idea is that they are introduced to the skin alongside the moisturizer and get sealed in along with the moisture. These extra ingredients vary from product to product. OROGOLD suggests discussing beneficial ingredients with an esthetician when you’re looking to find a good mask. A trained esthetician should have a few ideas on beneficial masks to try based on your particular skin care needs.

The previous two parts of the purpose of mask collectively serve to help protect your skin. Proper hydration and skin health help your skin be healthy enough to deal with day-to-day issues that might otherwise cause damage. The extra moisture, in particular, is invaluable in helping to resist the effects of sun damage. You do still need to wear sunscreen to be as protected as you’re going to get though. Additionally, multi-masking illustrates an additional way in which masks protect. Some skin care products are particularly potent and benefit from having another later between them and your skin. Retinol products are one good example. A thinner mask can provide just this layer even if it isn’t their primary purpose.

Masks have a great deal of utility within skin care. Their multi-purpose existence makes them ideal for occasional use, but they will never be quite so good as specialized products used to treat specific issues. Multi-masking does go a little of the way towards solving things, but isn’t quite perfect. OROGOLD recommends using a mask of some sort once or twice a week as part of a relaxing routine. This combination treatment will help soothe you and improve the quality of your skin. You’ll also know precisely what you’re doing this time.

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