Moisturizing regularly is important to maintaining your skin’s health. Part of what keeps it soft and pliable is the overall amount of moisture in your skin. The unfortunate part of this is that your skin actually becomes less capable at maintaining its own moisture as we age. Infants have moist and pliable skin because they’re so young, but the rest of us gradually lose access to that beautiful and healthy skin. If you’ve even wondered why an infant’s skin is so soft, then you just learned a big part of it is the sheer amount of moisture in their skin. The gradual loss of moisture in our skin over time can be managed though. This helps us to age gracefully and manage any effects the environment might have on our skin.

Sun Protection
Your skin’s inherent moisture barrier provides a great deal of its protection. All the oils we spend so much time trying to control aren’t really your enemy. They’re simply your skin not quite knowing how to appropriately balance protecting itself and producing oils. It errs on the side of caution and is far more likely to overproduce oil than produce less than necessary. This is why even people with dry skin need to be careful about drying their skin out more than usual. Your skin will know and respond by producing even more oil until it hits the “right” area. Moisturizing helps counterbalance all the cleansing and exfoliating we do. The products frequently dry out the skin. Helping to replenish and fortify it actually provides you with an all natural barrier between your skin and the sunlight.

Managing Dry Skin
We’ve all experienced our skin drying out before. This typically happens because we overdo it on one product or another, but sometimes the weather acts against us. Many people have sensitive skin that can be affected by something as simple as shifting seasons. The drier air in winter is particularly dangerous in this regard. Less moisture available in the air means more of it is drawn out of your skin into the air. It makes ensuring that you moisturize particular important in that season. Moisturizing will keep your skin healthy and prevent unpleasant effects like cracking or flaking. You can do this is a number of ways too. Topical products work well for intensive treatment, but preventive care can be achieved simply by adding a humidifier to the rooms you’re in frequently. Allowing your skin to dry out until it becomes damage is likely to do permanent harm to your skin and can potentially lead to premature signs of aging.

Keeping Your Skin Youthful
Remember how an infant’s skin I able to hold more moisture than those of us who are older? Daily moisturizing is a way you can help yourself age gracefully by reducing how fast your skin’s lessened amount of moisture can impact it. The rate is relatively slow and most of us can get away with something as simple as a light lotion when we’re younger. This changes the older we get though. Eventually many of us will want to be using a cream of one thickness or another to trap as much moisture in our skin as possible. Happily you’ll get a lot out of treating your skin this way. Your skin will remain plumper and better able to bounce back from anything putting pressure on it. It also removes one extra obstacle when it comes to letting your skin be able to repair itself.

Daily moisturizing is necessary if you want to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Moisture helps to protect your skin in various ways. It helps provide an extra barrier for your skin as well as reducing the amount of damage your skin needs to repair. This in turn makes it easier for your skin to focus on minimizing the damage that leads to premature aging. Neglecting to moisturize appropriately certainly won’t do your skin any favors, but proper care will repay you for years to come.

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