Facial contouring is a good way to help your features stand out. It utilizes makeup to emphasize the natural play of light and shadow across the face. In most case, it follows the lines of your bone structure to add definition in various lighting conditions. Most people use it mainly for their cheeks as a day-to-day addition to their makeup. There are more in-depth options for the night to help compensate for the effect of softer light on our features too. However, your eye possesses a contour area as well that is likewise defined by the bone structure. Whenever you’re wearing eye makeup, you’ve applied the makeup within the area. All of the gorgeous looks we love generally mean applying a little makeup there as well. The trick is that is represents one of the most sensitive areas of your skin. If you’re are for maintaining timeless beauty, you must begin with learning how to take care of your eye contour area.

Where Precisely Is It?
The eye contour is generally defined as the area starting just within the eyebrow and just below your lower lash line. It follows the hollow of bone around your eye. The area’s sensitivity primarily comes from the fact that skin is at its thinnest around your eyes. This is why many of us develop dark circles around our eyes. It is far easier for the blood flow beneath our skin to be caught by light around the eyes. Additionally, the constant movement of the area means it also tends to be where we develop fine lines first. Fine lines and other wrinkles are the result of the repeated compression of an area wearing away at the collagen in the skin. There’s far less of it in the area around your eyes.

A Delicate Touch
Given its high sensitivity, you generally need to be as careful as possible when touching the area. As a general rule, the ring finger is typically the weakest finger on everyone’s hands. You should practice only applying products to your eye contour area with that finger. Similarly, you should try to pull on the skin in the area as little as possible. The impact of this will be far greater than anywhere else. You can still care for this area effectively though. Retinol-based products are a good choice as the topical variety of vitamin A they use has skin tightening properties that help counter the effect of the constant movement on your skin. Beauty enthusiasts should remember that this necessary means investing in an eye cream as a companion product due to retinol’s habit of drying skin. Dry skin in this area of your skin is particularly uncomfortable.

Mindful Protection
The best ways to protect and minimize damage to your eye contour area is to simply keep in mind its sensitivity. You should try to remember to only remove makeup in the area with a makeup remover meant for use around the eyes and to be gentle when wiping it away. Remembering to always remove your makeup will help prevent dryness and other complications of makeup worn too long. A good remover can include a moisturizer if you need to cut back on the number of products you use. Similarly, remember to protect the area from the sun when you’re outside. Sunscreen and similar products aren’t always an option, but you can easily cover the area with a stylish pair of sunglasses to complete your outfit for the day. Finally, try to be light on makeup when possible. The right color makeup can help blend away dark circles without needing to apply it thickly and that’s less you need to clean away later.

The eye contour area offers some of the biggest ways to appear truly stunning when you’re out and about. This is offset by the sensitivity of the area. You need to protect your appearance by being mindful of what you do to such sensitive skin. As long as you’re mindful of the needs of your skin, you’ll be able to maintain your beauty for ages to come.

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