Celebrity beauty fads may come and go, with some even sounding outright bizarre! However, there is one celebrity beauty secret that OROGOLD strongly stands behind, because this ingredient really does have amazing benefits for the skin. Already world-renowned as a culinary delicacy, caviar has lately been making its way into an increasing number of skin care products, and has been showing some incredible results.

Why Caviar?
Loved by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham, these little fish eggs have a unique cellular structure, one that is actually extremely similar to that of human cells. Caviar also contains certain nutrients that are highly beneficial for the skin, especially when it comes to anti-aging.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
When it comes to a healthy complexion, omega-3 fatty acids are essential, as they help to prevent skin cells from becoming inflamed. They also trigger certain hormones within the skin that boost the production of collagen, as well as promote the regeneration of new skin cells, something that naturally slows down with age. Caviar has been found to increase the production of collagen by up to 67%. Caviar is not only full of omega-3 fatty acids, but also omega-6 fatty acids, which helps to reduce skin dryness and flakiness, as well as prevent a number of skin conditions, such as eczema and rosacea, from flaring up.

Being high in antioxidants mean that caviar is able to protect the skin on a different level. Rather than simply sitting on the surface of your skin, caviar deeply penetrates it, and its antioxidants are able to fight against the damage that is caused by free radicals, preventing premature aging.

Amino Acids
Caviar is packed with amino acids, which are also the basic building blocks for our skin. This means that the caviar is able to provide the right type of nutrition to our skin cells, encouraging them to regenerate faster, as well as making sure that they remain healthy.

Protects Against the Environment While Keeping Skin Hydrated
With a light moisture-retaining film, caviar is not only able to provide our skin with the highest possible level of hydration, but can also protect the skin from environmental damage. Whether it may be UV rays, pollution, or dehydration, this extra level of protection, as well as its effective hydration, means that superficial lines will be drastically reduced, improving the overall complexion and giving the skin a much more youthful appearance.

Although spending money on a skin care product that contains a luxurious ingredient such as caviar may seem slightly extreme, the benefits that it brings to your skin cannot be found elsewhere. Whether you treat yourself to a one-off caviar facial, or purchase a caviar skin care product to use on a daily basis, you will immediately be able to notice the results. Here at OROGOLD, we have a 24K Caviar Collection that is formulated with caviar extract as well as other effective ingredients, guaranteeing to give you a youthful glow, just like your favorite celebs!

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