Most of us have figured out a good skincare routine that works for us. It keeps our skin healthy and helps to minimize the signs of aging. Anything we do beyond that tend to involve other products. This can lead to a rapidly expanding daily routine where we have to go through more steps than we’d like to get the look we desire. This is particularly true if we’re trying to get a healthy, beautiful look. We have to do our normal routine and then work towards getting apply our makeup. It can be a bit frustrating to have to juggle so many things just to look our best. There are options though. A tinted moisturizer can potentially help with keeping your skin healthy and minimizing the number of steps in your daily or weekly routine. It could be just what you need to help achieve your aesthetic goals.

Foundational Support
Interestingly enough, tinted moisturizers are a bridge of sorts between good skincare and beauty practices. This kind of moisturizer is actually capable of substituting for a foundation in many cases if you’re willing to drop a few benefits in exchange for a shorter routine. Tinted moisturizers can be used entirely on their own to give the skin an attractively dewy and even complexion, but often work best when paired with makeup. They readily take powder as much as a traditional foundation and as a result can be readily sealed. It makes them into a good base for your makeup as much as it acts as the final seal for your skincare. The ability to freely move between two sections of your daily routine without waiting has wonderful time-saving potential as well as simply letting you get a tasteful look at the very end of a skincare routine and moving on if you favor a less complex routine.

Easily Used
A major benefit of using a tinted moisturizer over a traditional foundation is that it negates a problem many foundations have: difficulty being spread. This problem is the bane of anyone who tries to get into makeup as you have to learn techniques to help get foundations properly spread across the face and then you have to figure out the best way to even it out to ensure your look is smooth across your face. Tinted moisturizers, thanks to their moisturizer parts, are able to bypass this problem. They tend to be comparatively easily spread with little to no fuss. This lets them save you further time and reduces the worries associated with trying to ensure that you look your best at any given point. The fact that tinted moisturizers aren’t heavy products means that any place that does receive an uneven amount probably won’t stand out as the thin layer the rest of your skin has will simply look a little more even rather than clearly having makeup applied to it.

Natural Protection
Take a close look at any tinted moisturizer you might consider using in the future. You might find some hidden benefits that you’d otherwise miss. A lot of the products take the time to try to make themselves particular attractive. They do this by doing things such as adding sun protection to the formula or adding various nourishing vitamins to the moisturizer. The former builds on SPF moisturizers by giving you a little bit of SPF alongside your moisturizer all while combining it with makeup. That provides a further reduction in the amount of time you need to spend getting ready each day. Like most skincare products, you’ll generally find topical vitamin C or E being a popular addition to tinted moisturizers. These support your skin’s natural healing processes and thereby keep your skin healthier by helping to maintain its defenses against sun damage. This potential for two levels of protection just makes a tinted moisturizer even more attractive as a product.

A tinted moisturizer can be an excellent addition to a skincare routine. Their distinct ability to cut down on the number of products you need to use each day can save you time without sacrificing actually get those benefits. We do need to stress that, as a combination product, tinted moisturizers will never be as effective as their component products on their own, but they can still be useful. Additionally, they aren’t the best products for anyone with oily skin due to the moisturizer typically being thicker than is healthy for such skin. If you can use a tinted moisturizer though, it may be worth experimenting to see if they have a place in your routine.

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