Trying to find good ingredients to use for cultivating beauty is something the industry takes quite seriously. Better ingredients yield better results, after all, and provide people with what they’re looking for in a given product. There is a constant push in the media and others to find things that are newer, bigger, and better. Such ingredients are welcomed with a great deal of fanfare on relatively little evidence and people can end up deserting an understood ingredient for potentially misplaced hope. There’s nothing wrong with using products that utilize ingredients the industry understands properly. In fact, that is one of the better ways to ensure the health of your skin and hair by ensuring you’re not putting something people don’t know the full range of potential reactions to on your body. Ingredients that last long enough are typically quality ingredients in their own right too. This is particularly true of the use of citrus in beauty. Let’s take a look at some of the ways it can benefit you without needing to reach for a trendy product.

Skin Brightening
Citrus, in particular the vitamin C in it, is particularly associated with healthy skin. This is because many people figured out the fruits were good for them even without science to tell them why. Depending on how you use it, citrus can boost your skin in a number of way. The biggest one is typically by applying products using extracts to your skin. This helps concentrate the vitamin C in a topical product that inherently helps to fight the signs of aging by boosting the production of collagen, a vital structural protein, in the skin. The skin can then repair and smooth itself better than it would otherwise have been able to on its own. Citric acid is also a useful cleansing ingredient too. As an alpha hydroxy acid, it helps to dissolve away grime and dead skin cells from the skin. This helps improve your skin’s natural glow by revealing healthy skin. You can probably understand why the beauty industry loves citrus for the skin.

You’re probably tired of this particular buzzword by now as it dominates the modern beauty conversation. There’s a good reason for that though. Antioxidants are a necessary part of any diet that help to maintain your body’s overall health. Antioxidants bind to and neutralize free radicals within the body and especially within the skin. Free radicals are rogue particles that bind and unbind to various places in your body and end up causing slowly accumulating damage. This reduces your body’s ability to care for itself. Citrus is full of antioxidants that work with your body to boost its overall ability to heal itself and otherwise keep itself in good shape. You can particularly observe this in skin as regular use of topical antioxidants seems to shown great promise for helping to reduce some of the more dramatic signs of aging by reducing collagen damage. This in turn keeps your skin firmer and more youthful than it would be otherwise.

Beautiful Hair
Your skin is everywhere on the outside of your body and yet people often neglect their scalp. They simply treat their hair instead. Yes, your hair needs to be cleaned, but you’ll get a lot more out of treating the skin it is growing from too. Citrus products offer the ability to help boost your scalp’s health just as assuredly as the rest of your skin. They do offer particular benefits to the area as well though. It appears that citrus can help manage dandruff for those of us prone to the condition. This is likely connected to the fact that citrus can help moisturize skin some. Some studies have associated the use of citrus products on the scalp with a decrease in hair thinning as well. This is particularly important to those of us who are a little older and noticing any thinning. All these effects combine to help boost the overall health and beauty of your scalp and hair.

Citrus products are popular for a reason. The scents are beautiful in their own right, but the various extracts do have a pronounced ability to help the skin and hair. This is what makes them a favorite of the industry. Try to keep this in mind the next time a trendy product flashes across the news. The new product hasn’t had nearly the amount of usage that citrus has and citrus products are quite potent all on their own. Sometimes using what you know is the best option.

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