Facial hair can be attractive on some people, but it requires a particular kind of maintenance to remain attractive. After all, unruly facial hair just isn’t attractive. Regular trimming can help most people, but sometimes nature and circumstance work against being able to have cooperative facial hair. Fortunately, anyone can get a variety of products to help with taming facial hair. Beard balms are particularly good for anyone with a fuller beard who needs extra help to keep their beard and the skin beneath healthy. They’re different from oils thanks to their staying power and ability to offer actual control to the beard as opposed to just shine. If you’ve never tried a beard balm before, you might be wondering what all you can expect. We’ve got you covered with a quick guide to just how well a balm can help you get your facial hair under control.

A Better Look
Some people have naturally full beards that provide a good look without an extra boost, but not everyone has those genetics. Fortunately, a beard balm is able to stick within the hair and provide a naturally fuller look that complements a variety of styles without being obvious. This is achieved by running in through the beard carefully. You’ll want to do this a little in advance of any event that you’re intending to prepare for to be sure. Tending to your facial hair requires you to be sure the product properly matches the length and size of your beard. Beard balm is good for this sort of application when a beard is no longer than 4 inches. Any longer and the product will not be able to provide the appropriate amount of coverage to add to the fullness of the beard.

Controlling Hair
Balm offers a boost when compared to oils in that the sticking power actually allows you to shape the facial hair itself. Oils simply add a healthy shine while moisturizing the beard and skin slightly. You get this benefit from the balm as well. It makes this option favorable for anyone just starting. In general, you’ll want to find a balm if you’re looking to maintain a beard in a particular style. This will give it the staying power that it needs to maintain the look regularly despite any outside factors that might otherwise damage the look. Additionally, it can be particularly good for anyone whose beard doesn’t naturally adhere to a relatively tidy growth. The control can allow for light shaping instead of just styling. This too can help improve one’s overall appearance in addition to the boost in the apparent fullness of the beard.

Conditioned Response
Interestingly, beard balm is a good form of beard only conditioner when it isn’t due for a full wash in the shower. The balm is easy to work throughout the beard and to the skin. Most balms help to nourish and hydrate both the skin and the hair. The multi-purpose approach is necessary. Anyone who has ever grown facial hair knows the problems inherent in thicker facial hair mean a greater chance of breakouts underneath the facial hair and a higher chance at ingrown hair from trimming. Nourishing and conditioning the hair make them easier to work with in the long run and make them less likely to cause problems for you. Don’t think of beard balm as an exemption from regular care though. It needs to be used in conjunction with standard facial hair care to ensure the best results.

Beard balm is good for taming facial hair thanks to it being thicker than beard oil. It provides similar nourishing properties that help the skin and hair while providing a light layer of control. It is limited in the scope of facial hair that it is good for though. Anyone with particularly pronounced facial hair might wish to look into beard wax for the highest amount of control. Balms will work for the vast majority of the people with facial hair though.

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