Monsoon season is typically associated with a particular part of the world, but many places have a rainy season. The weather, like many things, can end up having an influence on the health of our skin. It generates new factors we have to consider when it comes to trying to maintain things as best we can. Normal skin tends to have ti easy in that changes to small factors don’t typically lead to too many difficulties. The issues that crop up tend to happen to people with sensitive or dry skin at a far higher rate because the skin types represent more extreme reactions. Taking proper care of dry skin is particularly important if you want to make the most of your skincare while traveling. Monsoons aren’t a summer rainstorm. They’re long, powerful storms that can last for far longer than the average storm most Americans and Europeans know. So let’s go over proper monsoon skincare for dry skin so that you’re prepared the next time you’re in or around India.

This may seem silly as a tip for people with dry skin, but it is actually fairly important in a rainy season. People frequently get wet when wandering around during rainstorms. This isn’t actually as good for your skin’s moisture as you might think. The issue is that it isn’t getting properly trapped by products. Instead, the rain is actually wearing down the moisture barriers you’ve placed on your skin and actually leading it to be far more prone to drying out. Additionally, rain isn’t always clean and as a result, the compounds in the rain could also strip oils and products while damaging the skin. With this in mind it is a good idea to remember to take the time to apply moisturizer regularly during the monsoon. Try to avoid getting wet if you can. This will help extend the life of your products between applications and prevent your skin from being further dried out.

Eat Well
Constant rain and storms have a way of turning people into home bodies. There’s nothing wrong with that necessarily, but it does mean you might feel less inclined to put much effort towards a meal. Taking good care of dry skin during the monsoon means not giving up on eating a good diet. Yes, your skin does still need proper nutrition even if it is harder to motivate yourself to get up and prepare the meal. Consider swapping to lighter, hydrating foods that take less effort to prepare while still providing you with a burst of energy. Colorful vegetables and dark, leafy greens are always good options for both skin and overall health. You’ll particularly want to keep your skin healthy as skin infection are more common during rainy seasons due to the excess moisture. Keeping your skin healthy and ready to fight off infections will serve you better in the long run.

Choose Lighter Products
There’s a hard choice to be made when traveling in an area experiencing monsoons: Do you give up makeup or swap to lighter products? Most of us will argue for the latter because we like to look our best, but this isn’t necessarily the best option for dry skin. The moisture in the air will cause makeup to clump and mat more than it otherwise would. As a result, it will form an unwanted seal that prevents any moisture from getting to your skin and make your issues with dry skin even worse. It could also lead to excess oil production in this way and cause breakouts. Many beauty experts in the area recommend simply going natural during monsoon or favoring light, natural style makeup meant to cultivate your beauty in a subtle fashion. It is hard to argue with the recommendation too. If you must use makeup, favor lighter products and don’t apply them as thoroughly.

Taking care of dry skin in a monsoon is, amusingly enough, often about ensuring your skin remains properly hydrated. Lifestyle changes and exposure can lead to skin drying out faster in a monsoon than it otherwise would. Try to avoid making your products a problem for your skin during a monsoon too by avoiding heavy ones. Remembering these tips will give you a decent foundation to build a monsoon beauty routine around.

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