Eventually most of us figure out a good skincare routine suitable for our skin type. This is the work of trial and error over the course of years though. We all have to put in this effort to ensure we get good products no matter what we tell others. After all, the constant, if slow, shift of our skin type over time means we have to adjust our products every now and then. Regardless, most of us end up settling into a solid yet relatively basic routine that attends to our skin’s general needs without going much farther. This is self-limiting and isn’t doing as well by your skin as you could. You can actually make a distinct improvement to your routine with the addition of a single product type: a serum. These products are perfect for improving upon your skincare with minimal issues…as long as you’re willing to learn to use them. In the spirit of mutual support, let’s quickly discuss what a serum is, how to use it, and what you can expect from adding one to your routine.

Serums 101
Serums don’t really seem to be much when you first see one. The products are generally more liquid than anything with the thickest serums being roughly equivalent to a slightly runny lotion. You don’t get the product in a particularly large container either. This combination of unimpressive visuals and less than lasting physical feeling keeps many people from giving serums the attention they deserve. In truth, serums are skincare powerhouses. The reason you get so little of the product is that relatively little of it is required with each use and most standard serum bottles will last your for months when used properly. Each serum is absolutely packed with skin nourishing compounds meant to give your skin that extra boost that it has been missing. This is actually why they tend towards being more liquid than anything else. There are no extra ingredients meant to suspend the helpful compounds to avoid diluting the active ingredients. This sheer potency is what makes serums so useful.

Proper Usage Required
The thinness of serums is also responsible for why some people end up feeling serums don’t do anything. Serums have difficulty penetrating the skin if the skin isn’t prepared properly and even more difficulty getting past any other products you’ve already applied to your skin. That makes using a serum appropriately vital to getting all the benefits possible from these products. You’ll want to do a standard rinse and cleanse before you do anything else when you’re preparing to use a serum. This will clear away the natural oils and grime that forms a barrier around the skin. You’ll also want to consider exfoliating before using a serum as well if it is the appropriate day in your routine for exfoliation. These three steps will clean your skin effectively enough to allow proper use of a serum. Apply the serum immediately after clearing away any remaining exfoliating product. The serum will then have the easiest access to your skin possible and applying further products over it will help seal it close to your skin while minimizing evaporation of the lighter product.

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What To Expect
Serums are highly useful, but it is important to remember that no single product is a miracle cure for bad overall skincare. The purpose of serums is to help nourish and fortify your skin. This makes them particularly good in anti-aging skincare routines where the purpose is to minimize issues before they come up. However, there are always exceptions to this rule. Hydrating serums are particularly good when it comes to help give that extra infusion of moisture that helps keep dry skin healthy. You can pick from various kinds of specialized serums before you use them to pick the one that is right for your skincare needs. Serums will notably increase the overall rate at which your skin can recover from or minimize skincare issues, but won’t necessarily give you an overnight solution. As with all products, you’ll typically want to give a serum at least a month of usage to see the full potential effects.

Adding a serum to your skincare routine can take it to the next level. A good basic routine is always at the core of any routine, but adding further products and steps allows us to customize our routines to work towards properly catering to our very specific skin type. Not everyone feels up to committing to a more detailed routine though. In this case, just adding a serum can do a lot for your routine even if you add no further products after that.

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