Our skin, like the rest of our organs, is a marvelous thing. Its many layers are host to countless cells all carrying out different functions that work together to help support the whole. Some produce materials to be ferried and used for repairs while oth... read more

People only just learning that they have eczema can end up having a lot of questions. It makes perfect sense given how frustrating and vague the skin condition can be of its causes. Oftentimes, it is just another one of those “Why me?” things that hap... read more

Sensitive skin is one of those skin types that can be hard to directly distinguish. In many ways, it resembles combination skin in that it can occur alongside the other skin types. Sensitive skin is simply a way of categorizing a certain set of reactions ... read more

Many a time discolorations in our skin are an indication of forms of sun damage. The single most common discolorations are called “sun spots” for a reason. However, not all instances of hyperpigmentation are the result of sun damage. Some of them are ... read more

Although it may be one of the most common skin conditions out there, hyperpigmentation is also one of the most difficult to treat. The condition occurs when there is an increase in melanin within the skin, which is the substance that gives skin its color,... read more

Exfoliation is absolutely key when it comes to healthy, clear skin. As we age, our cell turnover decreases, meaning that dead skin cells remain on the surface of our skin for longer, making it appear dull. Exfoliation helps the body to shed this layer of ... read more