One of the best aspects about knowing what’s good for your skin is that it carries over across multiple levels of care typically. Nuts and seeds provide a selection of nutrients and oils that support numerous aspects of healthy skin when you eat them. This also carries over when they are rendered to oils for use in both culinary and topical products. Almonds are a particularly good example of this. OROGOLD does feel the need to specify that sweet almonds are the ones that are eaten and used in the vast majority of products as their bitter counterparts are poisonous. Sweet almond oil has numerous uses when it comes to skin care and offers a nice, natural boost to any product incorporating it.

One of the most interesting points about the oils your skin produces is that oil-based products actually make a good counter to them as well. Conventional wisdom holds that you want to use warm water or chemical cleansers to get the most out of cleaning your skin. Almond oil cleansers work fairly well for several types of skin though. That it is an oil also means the products utilizing it tends to be gentler on the skin as it is essentially getting between the rest of the oils of your skin and freeing both them and their grimy contents from your pores. Almond oil’s thinner composition also means it washes away relatively easily without enough remaining that it will clog your pores and continue the cycle.

One of the negative sides of most cleansers is that they dry out your skin by removing the oil. Almond oil based products remove the oil, but your skin is absorbing the oil as it works. A light sheen is also typically left afterwards as well that continues to be absorbed. This helps to seal the moisture into your skin effectively. OROGOLD recommends massaging products like this in. You will boost circulation in your skin and that can potentially help boost collagen production within your skin. This combined with the moisturizing effects of almond oil and its concentration of vitamin E can help reduce the overall appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin when used appropriately. You may wish to consider almond oil based cleansers or products as something to use in rotation as a result or to experiment with if you’re experiencing sensitized skin.

One of the best aspects of almond oil for people with problem skin is that it can soothe inflammation alongside all these other properties. It makes almond oil products particularly useful when combating persistent acne and similar skin problems. The oil soothes the sites of irritation as it penetrates into the skin. This aspect of the oil does make it useful for a wide variety of skin conditions as a quick fix. Overly dry skin and even very basic allergic reactions to something topical can be soothed by using a product with the oil in it. You should consult a dermatologist or doctor before using it with any skin condition that is particularly sensitive or difficult to deal with though. This will help ensure you get the best results from any sort of treatment.

Nature can’t solve everything, but it can certainly give us the materials to find ways to solve issues. Sweet almond oil is a highly useful ingredient in skin care either on its own or within a product. OROGOLD suggests using it mainly in products utilizing it as then you can get a full suite of skin care effects in one product. There are other useful seed oils, but almond oil will remain to be one of the better ones that is readily available.

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