Our skin is under continual assault from various areas of our lives. The sun is a constant threat, but those of us living in cities need to worry about unhealthy levels of pollution as well. There’s also the small matter of needing to be careful of what we handle and what level of protection we’re wearing when doing anything that could potentially harm our skins. It seems like a cruel joke that our skin actually gets weaker as we age given all of the factors we need to account for to keep it healthy, but there’s no way to avoid it. A healthy lifestyle generally means you can avoid some kinds of damage if you’re careful. You’ll still need to eventually worry about ways to strengthen your skin to keep it in the best condition possible over time. Fortunately, it isn’t actually that hard.

Exfoliate Less Frequently
Yes, exfoliation is necessary for keeping your skin healthy. The catch is that you don’t actually have to exfoliate nearly as often as some common suggestions. For most people, two to three times a week is the maximum amount they should be exfoliating per week. You can actually stretch this out though. People with sensitive skin tend to do this most of the time anyone for the sake of their skin. This, interestingly enough, does help to strengthen their skin and make it easier for it to resist harm. Consequently, eventually exfoliation is possible. We’re not suggesting everyone entirely remove exfoliation from their routine, but consider increasing the time between the exfoliating parts of your routine. Once a week or once every two weeks can still provide you some of the same benefits. More extreme Asian beauty routines sometimes even advocate for exfoliating only once a month.

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Eat Well
Diet is crucial to keeping your skin strong or strengthening it again. Like every part of your body, your skin routinely needs nutrients to be able to keep itself in proper order. It makes eating a balanced diet one of the best approaches that you can take. In most cases, our usual food sources are good sources for the nutrients your body needs or the compounds to make them. You are likely frequently told that taking supplements is the best way to ensure your health. This isn’t an accurate statement. Supplements aren’t evaluated by the FDA and as a result, the nutrients in them are occasionally forms that aren’t usable by your body. Supplements should, at best, be considered a way to provide your body with a stopgap measure when a part of your diet may be lacking. They should never be used to replace actually eating a varied and balanced diet.

Sunscreen Remains Crucial
As with most things in skincare, wearing appropriate sunscreen helps to strengthen your skin. This isn’t as direct as eating a proper diet though. Sunscreen is a preventive measure that helps to reduce the amount of damage being done to your skin constantly by the sun. Remember that UVA and UVB rays each hurt your skin in different ways. The introduction of free radicals to your skin leads to constant damage that thins the skin and reduces your skin’s ability to repair the damage. As a result, wearing sunscreen diminishes this damage and allows your skin to devote the appropriate resources to properly healing your skin and reducing the overall damage. It does take time to see much in the way of results though and should be used in conjunction with the other suggested methods to help maximize the results.

Strengthening your skin doesn’t require specialty products or a fancy procedure. It is more about ensuring that you make and maintain good lifestyle habits when it comes to your skin. Learning how to strike the proper balance between when to exfoliate and when not to exfoliate is probably the most difficult part that you will face. As ever, all you need to do is listen to your skin and you should be able to determine what works for you.

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