We all know that we need to keep our skin properly hydrated to keep it healthy. After all, moisture plays a key role in keeping our skin healthy. Dry skin is more susceptible to sun damage and ends up being overall less pliable. This makes moving it a source for potential damage to the collagen beneath it. It also ends up simply being substantially more prone to inflammation overall when it dries out and the increased sensitivity can feed into yet other factors causing damage to your skin. That’s why most skincare professionals fixate on making sure people are keeping their skin properly hydrated. This includes people with oily skin. Yes, your skin is naturally hydrating itself to a degree, but too much oil is bad for your skin. Oil control helps to solve the problem slightly. You do need to put back some moisture to prevent your skin from rebelling further and overproducing oil to compensate for dryness from oil control. To properly hydrate your skin, you’re going to want to start the process in the shower.

Avoid Bad Habits
Eliminating harmful habits that hurt the hydration of your skin is an important part of shifting your focus to the shower. If we’re honest, most of us have enjoyed a hot shower in the past. There are few things that are quite as relaxing as getting to let that warm water roll over you while it loosening muscles, opens up your sinuses, and in general just makes you feel good. Unfortunately, hot water tends to harm your skin. The hot way is highly effective at cutting through your skin’s natural oils and stripping your skin of them. This makes it harder to keep your skin properly hydrated. Warm to lukewarm water is necessary to keep your skin happy. Additionally, try to avoid harsh body washes. These tends to strip the skin too much as well. You want a soap that is gentle on the skin. Look for specifically marketed products to help avoid this problem. Remembering both these tricks will help you move towards better skin hydration.

body oil

Try A Body Oil
Don’t wait until you get out of the shower to start moisturizing your skin. You can do a lot for it just by experimenting with body oils in the shower. Oils are particularly good when it comes to helping to boost the level of moisture in your skin. They’re the intensive treatment option for those of us who have made mistakes in the past and dried our skin out a bit much. Body oils are easily applied and make a good complement to a shower because your skin will be comparatively clean and open to the oil. It should absorb relatively quickly and any excess can be washed away so that it doesn’t get caught on your skin and contribute to skin problems. We do recommend avoiding using oils on your face if you’re particularly prone to acne, but there’s a much better option for hydrating your face in the shower anyway. Masks are surprisingly versatile things.

Cleansing Masks
Your first impulse is likely to put on any cleansing masks outside of the shower. This isn’t necessarily a good idea. In fact, you might want to do it before you even try to wash your face. You’ll get a lot more out of the mask then without running the risk of accidentally drying your skin out due to the oil control effects of certain ingredients. Think of it as another poor habit to avoid. However, you can use a hydrating mask in the shower to great effect once you’re started cleaning your face. They make an excellent addition to things as all the moisture you could want will be available combined the sealing potential of the mask. You’ll want to stick to using a hydrating mask after you’ve cleaned your face though as that is when it will do your skin the most good. Remember to stick to a mask that supports your skin type though to avoid any potential issues.

Turning your showers into the heart of a good hydration routine for your skin can do a lot for you in the long run. It takes advantage of all the moisture available on your skin and in the air to get deep into your skin and keep it as moisturized as possible. This sort of change to your routine will particularly benefit people with dry skin for one reason or another. Keep it up once your skin is back to good health though. You’ll be able to keep the worst problems away and let your skin truly flourish.

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