With spring creeping closer and closer, it is time to consider the look you’ll want to cultivate for the coming season. You can finally step away from the heavy clothing and darker colors of winter in favor of lighter and more lively looks. The trick is figuring out what works for you. There are plenty of spring trends that are already manifesting as we move forward and more to come as fashion gurus figure out new looks. These trends are versatile and range from colors to overall cuts of clothing depending on the source. If you’re looking to start looking your best for spring, we’ve got just the right tips to point you in the right direction. These should allow you to find a look that suits you while still being on trend without needing to abandon some of your favored spring clothes. You’ll just need to find what looks you actually like and what you’re going to want to leave to others. Fortunately, you have plenty of trends to pick from this year.

Sunny Looks
Yellow figures heavily into many spring trends. We’ve seen it used across a myriad of styles of clothing and accessories as spring has approached. You can be sure that this trend isn’t going anywhere. In many ways, yellow is a fairly traditional spring color that always seems to be around. Designers and fashion gurus seem to have truly latched onto it this year. This has led to an absolutely stunning array of shades seeing use. That has opened up the variety of colors available for use in trends. You’re not restricted to the brilliant, bright yellow that we most often think of this time. Opening up more shades of yellow to the trend means almost everyone can use the color as part of their look regardless of skin tone or other pieces of clothing. Solid yellows are particularly popular in this trend, but enough patterns exist that they remain on trend as well.

Woman with exposed shoulder

Exposed Shoulders
Another major trend that we’re expecting to see increasingly in force as the weather warms is exposed shoulders. Interestingly enough, we’re not talking about bare shoulders where both shoulders are exposed by a lower sleeve. This trend focuses more on asymmetrical design where a single shoulder is exposed while a standard sleeve or strap is on the other shoulder. It provides an open and airy look that is perfect for the warming weather. The look was shown in many designs at the spring and summer Fashion Week. Casual and formal looks both took part in utilizing this particular aesthetic. It fits with the season, but you’ll likely want to make sure the weather warms enough before trying this look. This look does appear in several fashions though. Some are shoulders designed to look like they’ve slipped off, but cutouts are also popular. It gives you plenty of room to find your own look.

Trench Coats
Opinions tend to vary on how well you can wear a trench coat. Designers go back and forth on the best ways to make it stylish without it being too bulky. This spring is no different as varied designs of the classic coat style made themselves known on the runway. These “new” trench coats tend to share a number of things in common. A major one is they’re sharing in the sub-trend of khaki as a dominant color for the coming season, but another is that they tend to be a bit over-sized to create a slouchy look that moves freely with a casual air while still maintaining a distinct stylish elegance. They length of the coat is also emphasized to provide a flowing look that follows the entire body. Many designs favored large belts and buckles for an added flair suitable for drawing the eye, but this was not universal. The last point to note is that there was a mix of making the coat central to looks and making it complementary on the runway. As a result, you can remember stylish no matter how much emphasis you put on the coat.

Woman in trench coat

These spring trends are something to consider if you want to look just that much better as the weather warms. As ever, the general trend speaks to brighter colors and lighter clothing as we’re free to enjoy the sun again. There are plenty of other trends beyond the ones we’ve discussed too. You should be able to easily use the information here and in other places to figure out a distinctive spring look that will be all your own.

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