Spas are generally viewed as a place to go and relax. This is achieved by setting the right atmosphere and providing various services. The most recognizable services are things like facials and massages. Anyone who has been to a spa knows that those are far more than they would seem to be on the surface. Each one has subtle variations that can help treat various issues depending on the specialty version that you choose. Some spas go beyond these services and popular spa trends though. They take cues from the health resorts around the world and cultivate your health with refreshments at the same time that they provide other treatments. Most of these follow particular trends with a goal to ensure long term health. This means it can be relatively easy to figure out your own spa-riffic refreshments to enjoy in your own home.

Think Green
Since the cues are taken from health resorts, you can expect the majority of the treats to be based around fruits and vegetables. There’s a solid reason for this too. They’re absolutely packed with vitamins and nutrients useful to your body on a number of levels. Trying to make your own should focus around things like salads utilizing dark leafy greens. They are particularly useful to everyone health-wise and doubly so for anyone focusing on their skin’s health. Salads are good, but you can also focus on utilizing some of the greens in a fruit smoothie if you’re prefer to cover up the taste of some greens. After all, not everyone enjoys the taste of good health. Salads and smoothies are a good start and common staples of spa refreshments, but you can go beyond this and make more complex and flavorful dishes as well.

Woman having a sandwich

Sandwiches Are Your Friend
We’re used to picturing many of these as something meant largely for a sandwich shop when it comes down to it. Some spas offer plenty of them as well. These often take the form of somewhat more complex than your average sandwich shop. The eye towards luxury care means things like grilled sandwiches utilizing less common ingredients are common. Remember that the focus is on health and therefore they’ll seldom be loaded sandwiches. Focus on simple, but tasteful combination utilizing health ingredients. It can be as basic as a sandwich that utilizes lettuce and tomatoes with other red or orange vegetable and a lunch meat to something less common utilizing vegetables that don’t commonly make it to a sandwich. Light, toasted, and healthy are your only goals for making a spa-friendly sandwich. When all else fails, a veggie wrap is another staple.

Desserts Aren’t Out Of The Question
Fruits will figure heavily into any dessert that you might expect from a spa. This includes delectable strawberries and similar fruits. The general idea is that the food will combine presentation without utilizing too much fruit. Fruits are packed full of sugars, which is why we love their taste so often, and this makes eating too many of them work against our overall health. This is why, counterintuitively, it actually isn’t a good health change to just drink fruit juice. Fortunately, there are lots of light fruit desserts that you can find that are capable of offering that bit of sweet you’re looking for out of a refreshment without it being unhealthy. Fruit yogurts, lightly flavored sweet breads, and fruit and cheese can all make for a light dessert that works well. Don’t expect any ice cream though.

Getting treats you might enjoy at a spa is actually relatively easy. There are plenty of healthy cookbooks for light meals and desserts that anyone can enjoy. This is the kind of fare you can expect at health resorts and spas around the world. The food you get in those places is more likely to have a professional presentation when it gets to you though. Presentation isn’t everything though. After all, you just want it to taste good, right?

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