Sleeping is important to your body for a wide variety of reasons. The most obvious one is that your mental health will actually start to deteriorate without getting enough sleep. Your brain needs time to process everything is subjected to ensure that you remain healthy. Interestingly, this need for rest to ensure health actually extends to your skin as well. Beauty sleep, as it turns out, isn’t just an expression. Sleep or a lack of it can have a direct impact on your skin’s appearance and its ability to actually repair itself. This is why maintaining a good sleep schedule is required to make the most of any beauty routine. Let’s take a quick look at all the ways that sleep is actually connected to your skin’s ability to repair itself. You may be surprised at just how vital it is.

Making Materials
We’ve discussed collagen before. This is the primary structural protein found in your skin and you need it to maintain your appearance. All that youthful fullness and structure we’ve enjoyed in the past comes from somewhere. Loss of collagen is something that happens with age and is one of the big things that skincare does its best to help work against. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not helping matters at all. Your body actually produces most of its collagen while you’re at rest. This then gets distributed to the areas that need repair or maintenance. Sleep gives your body time to use energy for such things as you don’t need it for other activities. After all, if you’re just laying there with your brain keeping your body mostly motionless, then why do you need to expend energy on your legs?

Beauty Beneath the Skin
Most of us have likely woken up with dark circles under our eyes when we haven’t gotten enough sleep. This is actually a¬†symptom of poorer circulation leading blood to pool beneath the eyes as it moves sluggishly throughout the body. Circulation increases in your body when you’re getting enough sleep and this helps prevent such sluggish areas from becoming too obvious. Additionally, the boost to circulation actually provides your body with various bonuses. Good circulation actually helps encourage repair processes throughout the body, including your skin, and helps in others ways. It also has a nice visual cue to remind you to get enough sleep. You generally have a nice, healthy glow when you wake up from getting adequate sleep. Poor circulation during sleep leads to unhealthy complexions that can appear an unhealthy pale or dull skin depending on one’s ethnicity. It is always in your best interest to get enough sleep.

Taking The Best Care of Yourself
That blood flow is important for yet another reason too. Think about all the products that you apply to your skin before you rest. They need time to sink into the skin, yes, but they also need to be distributed throughout your skin properly. Blood flow is what does it. It warms the skin and can help products sink into the skin faster over the course of the night. This, in turn, allows the various compounds to be better distributed throughout the skin to increase their effectiveness. You may recognize this rule as being a reason to get a facial massage every now and then. This is quite true. Boosting your face’s circulation, in particular, is highly effective for helping maintain one’s appearance and boosting its overall health. Consequently, that’s why you never want to skimp on sleep if you can help it.

Beauty sleep is sometimes dismissed as a quaint and silly phrase to be associated with vanity. In truth, it is an actual thing. It just isn’t necessarily what people think of when the phrase pops into their head. Proper sleep is necessary to let your body, especially your skin, to properly repair itself. Inadequate sleep decreases your skin’s ability to care for itself on multiple levels and leads to fairly obvious negative effects on your appearance. So get in that extra hour of sleep. Your skin will thank you.

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