Taking good care of your skin requires consistent dedication. No one can really dispute that beyond maybe the handful of people whose skin is naturally resistant and beautifully healthy. They can only dispute it for so long before time or bad habits catch up to them though. Part of good skincare is staying alert to potential issues that might compromise your skin’s health. Certain times of the year can be more demanding on skincare than others. The most demanding times tend to be summer and winter thanks to the more extreme environments that they represent. Endless sun and dry air each have their own potential effects that can work against us looking our best. With summer unofficially already here, now is the time to make sure that you’re practicing a few key skin saving techniques that can keep your skin happy and healthy throughout the summer. We’ve got a few that should help you work against some of summer’s excesses without getting too much in the way of you enjoying yourself.

Wear Sunscreen, Avoid Natural Tanning
Sun exposure is one of the bigger threats that you have to keep in mind during summer. The sun seems to stay higher for longer every day of summer and it won’t let up just because someone’s skin can’t handle it. You absolutely have to wear sunscreen during summer. This is true for everyone regardless of the skin type or color. The quick rule for picking a good sunscreen is generally to make sure it offers your skin broad spectrum protection with an SPF rating of at least 30. You may want to pick a higher number, such as 50 or 60 if you have particularly sensitive skin or are past the age of 40 just to be on the safe side. A mineral sunscreen that follows these rules is encouraged as they utilize physical blockers like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to reflect rather than absorb UV rays, but a standard sunscreen is still acceptable. Don’t use wearing sunscreen as an excuse to tan though. That tan represents long-term damage to your skin you’ll regret later. Look for a quality sunless tanning product instead.

Woman applying sunscreen

Moisturize Regularly
Moisturizing regularly is needed in both summer and winter more than the rest of the year. Admittedly, the reasons are somewhat different. Winter has a lot of cold, dry air that saps moisture from your skin. Summer, by contrast, constantly wears done your skin’s defenses through constant sun exposure and overall heat. Your skin’s moisture barrier is actually one of the layers of defense that helps it counteract potential sun damage as much as it helps counter more common forms of damage. After all, properly moisturized skin is more pliable and less likely to damage collagen as extensively when it moves. The trick to moisturizing in summer is finding a happy medium. You need to regularly moisturize to ensure your skin stays healthy, but you can’t moisture so often that you cause issues for your skin. Consider using a slightly light moisturizer than usual in summer to help avoid contributing to clogged pores from sweat and other factors. This should keep your skin ready to defend itself if you run out of sunscreen at an inopportune time.

Shower After Exercise And Play
Most of us don’t think much about our sweat beyond finding it an annoyance that we would prefer to do without. Unfortunately, sweating helps to keep us cool and counteract potential problems for our skin as well. It is an imperfect system though and can sometimes end up causing problems. The more frequent sweating during summer means there are plenty of opportunities for that sweat to pick up debris from the surface of your skin as it goes and accidentally drops it into your pores. This raises your chances for blemishes and other kinds of skin irritation as it creates an environment perfect for less than friendly bacteria. Taking a quick shower after your exercise or enjoy a rigorous volleyball match or a similar game will help work against this. It will rinse away the sweat and anything that it has picked up along the way. You’ll have to worry about fewer potential skin issues by remembering this tip.

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These skin saving tips are all about focusing on habits you can make to help your skin this summer. Products are involved, yes, but they’re the common ones that all of us have at our disposal. Looking your best this summer shouldn’t be too hard as long as you make the effort to remember these tips. They can guide you through most of the standard techniques for keeping your skin healthy and safe.

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