Summer is coming even if we’d prefer it to remain a little cooler outside. There’s no real way of escaping this without travel and even that means that we’ll only be delaying the problem for as long as we’re out of the Northern hemisphere. We just need to accept the fact that summer is coming and begin to adjust our lives accordingly. One of the areas where this is most necessary is skincare. There are a few things we need to keep in mind in summer that are important at most times of the year, but gain an extra importance during summer. Fortunately, none of these things are particularly hard to do as long as we remember them. Let’s take a quick look at some of the skincare rules we’re going to want to live by this summer. This will help us to prepare and make sure that we keep our skin healthy and beautiful all summer.

Cool Clothes
Summer skincare is as linked to the clothes you wear as the products you use. We’re going to touch on clothes first as they can be particularly important when it comes to protecting your skin and avoiding causing problems. After all, heavy clothing tends to stick to the body and rub against the skin once it absorbs sweat. This ends up causing rashes and other issues that make your skin suffer. You want to avoid this by focusing on wearing light, breathable outfits made out of materials like cotton. This will prevent skin problems caused by excess sweat and irritation. You’ll also want to look into clothing that has a bit of sun-proofing as well. Specially treated clothes offer the equivalent of additional SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s rays while letting you remain stylish. The best clothes are ones that cover more of your skin and protect it from the sun’s rays. Admittedly, even treated clothes that cover most of your skin aren’t going to mean you can stop using sunscreen.

Sunscreen Now and Forever
Yes, summer means learning to wear sunscreen again if you’ve somehow convinced yourself it is okay not to use it at other times of the year. We all need sunscreen all year long due to the simple fact that the exposure to UV rays is happening whether you want it to or not. It happens when you’re in your car, sitting by a window, and in countless other little ways where you’re exposed to natural light. Wearing sunscreen in conjunction with the treated clothing we mentioned above can go a long way towards all but blocking the UV rays from affecting your skin. We recommend that you find a good quality sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30. This will generally provide you with all the protection you need at any point and when combined with clothing will provide you just that much more of a defense. You can go a little farther by looking for sunscreens with zinc oxide to ensure you’re getting the best defense possible.

Stay Clean, Don’t Neglect Your Skin
Let’s remember that all that extra heat of summer means that we can expect to sweat. This may seem obvious, but many of us don’t connect that to the idea that we should rinse off regularly during the summer if we’ve been sweating. Trapping sweat and grinding it into your skin, like with heavier clothing earlier, will not help your skin at all. We recommend remembering to rinse off whenever you’ve exerted yourself to work up a good sweat. This will help clear the sweat away as well as add some extra hydration to your skin. Keeping up overall hydration will keep your skin overall more resilient. You’ll also want to become detail-oriented when it comes to skincare during summer. Remember that your eyes and lips need good skincare too. These areas of skin are highly sensitive and susceptible to the sun without good protection. Take care of them to ensure you look your best.

Summer is many people’s favorite season. How could it not be? All the warm weather combined with plenty of sun makes it ideal for getting outside and enjoying yourself. That does mean that you have to make special considerations for skincare to keep all of you happy. Making the effort will result in a summer where you can not only enjoy yourself, but look and feel like your best self at the same time.

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