Our skin is a large, complicated organ with many functions. The biggest one is helping to protect our insides, yes, but it also helps to keep us cool, repairs itself, cleans itself, and countless other things that none of us ever actually pause to consider. This complex of a system, unsurprisingly, also has the ability to give clear signs when something is wrong. These signs that your skin needs a little TLC can be a clear guide to what’s wrong if you pay close enough attention to them. Admittedly, you need to recognize them for what they are to know to act first. We’re going to review some of the basic signs that something is amiss with your skin so that all of us are better prepared to match our skincare to our skin’s needs. This will help us all maintain healthier skin over the course of our lives.

Dull Skin
There are several potential reasons for dull skin, but they all result in the same unhealthy looking skin. The loss of natural shine and glow to the skin goes a long way towards making all of us look less healthy than we actually are. Two of the most common reasons that our skin can end up being duller is not exfoliating enough or allowing one’s skin to become dehydrated. Remember that human skin is composed of several layers. The outermost layer is actually a composite of several layers of dead skin protecting the lower, healthier layers. We exfoliate regularly to help keep the outermost layer thin enough that it doesn’t negatively affect our skin’s appearance, but not so thin that we expose the new skin below. We can end up accelerating the formation of these layers by not moisturizing our skin enough and causing the same effects. Admittedly, you’ll want to look for a few other signs to figure out if this is the case.

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Dehydrated Skin
Dry skin is no fun. It actually makes it far easier for your skin to become damaged too. Your skin expects a certain level of moisture in it to help cushion its movements and give a little bit of protection from sun exposure. You don’t get any of that from dry skin. As a result, you end up magnifying any other issues that your skin might be experiencing. You can tell you have dry skin when your skin feels tight as easily as you can when it starts to get dull. This is how you physically feel that lack of cushioning to the movement of your skin. It isn’t as pliable and as a result, it feels tight. You’ll generally also find that it gets more irritated as well. This is directly linked to your skin being less resilient. Worst of all, you may find that your skin starts breaking out more often when it gets too dry due to your skin overproducing oil to make up for the dryness. That doesn’t help anything and all that inflammation is bad news.

Inflamed Skin
This is often the easiest problem to notice. Inflammation tends to lead to redness in the inflamed area or tenderness to the touch. The actual cause of the inflammation can end up being hard to pin down though. Dehydration, over exfoliating, breakouts, and even underlying skin conditions can all cause inflammation. What makes it worse is that inflammation can become self-sustaining in some cases with the need to find a good product to soothe the skin so that it has a chance to calm itself and heal. This can end up requiring a visit to the dermatologist at times. The redness around breakout sights and from sunburn are both forms of inflammation. As is the shift in coloration and tenderness associated with issues such as eczema and other skin conditions. Isolating the cause of the inflammation is crucial to being able to make it go away and return your skin to good health.

Your skin isn’t subtle when it is having issues. It has a lot of ways it can tell you that something is wrong with it. Listening to those signs and taking the appropriate actions will help you avoid worse skin troubles in the future. It may take a couple of times to fix the problem, but making the effort is what ultimately counts.

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