Aging isn’t something any of us can avoid. It constantly moves closer and closer until it arrives without us noticing. This can be particularly true for men. More often than not, men are told most of their more subtle signs of aging simply add more definition to their face or make them more handsome. It can lead to men easily ignoring more and more of the signs as they start to mount. Suddenly, they realize they have more wrinkles than they expected and the signs that once gave them a bit more character have simply become another way in which they look old. Women are taught the signs to watch for when they’re aging, but fewer people bother to teach men. With that in mind, this is a quick look into the signs of aging for men so that they have a better idea of what is happening.

The Classics
Hair loss or hair turning gray are two of the most common signs of aging for men. Testosterone in men’s bodies leads their hair to be more commonly lost. This is why the gradual receding hairline is often called “male pattern baldness”. It follows a predictable path caused by hormones. Most men recognize this as a sign of aging, but the myriad of short and cropped hair style available make this less of an immediate threat as a sign. Graying hair can actually add a handsome “salt and pepper” look that many people consider complementary. It still remains a sign of aging though. It should be noted that hair loss and change in color are partly dictated by genetics. Some people will lose more hair and sooner than other while others may start finding gray hairs far sooner. When either of these start becoming distinctly apparent, you’re dealing with aging.

Sun Baked Skin
Men are encouraged to make the most of an active lifestyle outside. This can lead to robust health, but it also means men are more subject to early aging from sun damage. Wrinkles and fine lines are common issues for them as well when aging. These, like graying hair, are commonly passed off as adding “character” to men’s faces. Men will want to pay the most attention to the areas around their eyes, mouths, and foreheads. These areas crinkle frequently as part of making expressions. The constant folding damages the skin and causing the formation of wrinkles. Men also want to remember to wear some form of sunscreen when going outside as failing to protect your skin will accelerate this process and lead to fine lines rapidly deepening to wrinkles.

Slowing Metabolism
Perhaps the most annoying aspect that most men face with aging is the drop in their metabolisms. Many men enjoy a relatively healthy metabolism in their youth. It helps them get out and do things all while ensuring it is a little more difficult for fat to build up around their bodies. Aging changes this. Metabolisms begin to slow and for men that can mean a bit more fat on the stomach and chest in particular. This can be countered to a degree by maintaining routine exercise and eating well, but this only goes so far. On the whole, it will help reduce the overall signs, but it won’t entirely stop them. Good lifestyle habits like ceasing to smoke or drinking regularly can go a long way towards helping drastically reduce these signs of aging in particular.

The signs of aging for men are somewhat similar to the signs of aging for women. After all, we’re all human. The main differences tend to stem from hormonal differences as well as the ways culture brings up men and women. Men don’t necessarily naturally age more gracefully than women. They’re simply allowed to age. Men can learn to age gracefully by learning to live a healthy lifestyle wherein they properly care for their skin. This can help prepare their skin and buy it the time to age with distinction rather than suddenly seeming to give up.

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