The signs of aging may vary between different people, but there is at least one universal problem: wrinkles. Skin just can’t keep up the same firmness and youthful appearance it used to have after a certain point. This is due to a combination of factors, but is strongly connected to the loss of collagen in the skin. It also doesn’t help that wrinkles most commonly form around areas where the skin folds frequently like around our mouths and foreheads. Men seem to have it a little easier though. You might wonder why, but the answer is that shaving frequently actually has potential benefits for the men’s skin. Why? We’ve put together a quick guide to look into the factors that help make shaving a little worthwhile for men trying to keep their skin smooth and youthful.

A Touch of Support
Many men utilize shaving cream or a similar substance to help make shaving easier. After all, cutting yourself when a razor snags on your skin or just won’t move smoothly like it should is an eternal annoyance. Adding a lubricant to the surface just makes things easier. Applying these products can be helpful in a number of ways. One of the first is simply the process of applying them. Many people gather cream in their hands before softly rubbing it across their face for an even coverage. We’ve touched on the benefits of massaging the face for women before, but the same benefits are available to men. Men who spend a bit more time rubbing their products in before shaving are likely to stimulate blood flow in their face. This helps to promote collagen growth and helps fight back against wrinkle formation.

All Product Are Not Created Equally
These shaving products are also their own benefits. Various ones each focus on providing the skin with something during the shave. There are many good options, but the best are hydrating shaving creams. These provide lubrication at the same time that they help moisturize the skin. Proper moisturizing is vital in fighting wrinkles. Just as your skin loses collagen with age, it gradually loses its ability to trap as much moisture in the skin. Replenishing it regularly is stressed to women, but not always to men. Fortunately, men can get this benefit as long as they select an appropriate shaving cream. It should be noted that while these creams cannot replace independent moisturizing products in proper skincare. They act as a good supplement for men distinguished enough to take care of their skin and an unknown boost to the men who don’t.

Regular Exfoliation Has Benefits
Most of the most pronounced benefits for men, when it comes to shaving, come from the fact that shaving exfoliates the skin. Unknowingly, most men are regularly exfoliating their skin and preventing the dead skin from building up enough that it can aid in wrinkle formation. Exposing healthier skin also helps by keeping the facial skin more youthful. Men can also manage to exfoliate this often thanks to their skin being a bit thicker and harder to damage thanks to all that testosterone. Don’t think this means that you can forego proper exfoliation just because you shave, guys. As with shaving cream, this is a boost that you didn’t know you had. The key is to capitalize on it and watch your skin to make sure you don’t over-exfoliate. After all, razor burn for your whole face isn’t an attraction nor is comfortable.

Not many men are aware that shaving regularly actually helps their skin. It does so through using techniques people concerned for the skin’s health already know. The difference is they’re disguised as other actions. Anyone can get a benefit from carefully shaving their face, but men can stand to do it far more. The end result is their faces seem to stay smoother for longer.

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