Trying to live a healthy lifestyle isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. A healthy diet requires a lot of planning. Exercise takes up a lot of time. Making sure that your diet is getting all the high points your body needs requires a lot of focus. It can quickly become an abandoned project simply after a single bag of flavorful chips reminding us of how much we enjoy our junk food. Fortunately, you can actually work around this problem by making your snacking healthier. This may seem impossible thanks to the reputation of most snack foods, but it is much easier than you think thanks to the growing popularity of seafood in snacks. You probably won’t have to look any farther than your local health food store to find various kinds of seaweed snacks and treats that will provide all the flavor you want with far fewer calories.

Wait, Seaweed?
Seaweed is good for more than just topical use. Skincare typically uses the extract of a brown algae, but you’re more likely to find “nori”, a red algae, in snacks. Sushi fans will recognize this as the typical seafood wrap that comes around with their food, but it is seeing expanded uses. Dried nori is actually incredibly healthy as a snack and provides far fewer calories than a bag of potato chips. The trick is that nori is simply unfamiliar to most people and the basic flavor is far different from what most people initially associate with snack foods. As an acquired taste, it is a bit difficult for some people to adjust at first, but many people rapidly learn to enjoy the basic flavor. You don’t necessarily have to eat dried nori raw and untouched though. Flavoring agents are becoming more common that modify the flavor in familiar ways.

Chipping Away At Our Bad Habits
One of the most popular ways nori is available commercially is in chips. The chips are made from dried nori sheets and come in a variety of shapes. Each bag is typically sized in the familiar way we’re used to seeing potato chips, but a quick check of the bag will often reveal that the nori has only the barest fraction of calories when compared to its starchy relative. They may an excellent substitute at lunch to help minimize one of the most common bad food habits. You will probably want to shop around when first trying to find seaweed chips though. There are various brands available that prepare the nori, or their particular kind of seaweed, differently. This can affect the taste to a degree. Finding your favorite potential flavor can also help you acclimate to the change faster. People are seldom disgusted by the flavor of nori, but the difference can make changing habits difficult otherwise.

Sheets of Health
Sheets are the next most common form that nori and other seaweed are distributed. Sometimes these sheets do literally mean rectangular or square sheets in a package. More often than not, the sheets are more akin to dried strips available to wet or eat dry. Wetting the strips allows you to make particular treats out of them with your spare time. They can be, of course, used to make your own sushi, but you can easily add your own choices in filling into the food to make a new flavor combination. Some seaweed treats available commercially actually take this approach. The seaweed is used as the centerpiece and adds a dash of health to the treats, but isn’t the whole product. What you’ll find will depend on the distributor, but the greater popularity means more and more variations are appearing routinely.

Seaweed’s calorie light, nutrient rich nature makes it an ideal snack food or treat depending on the preparation. You can use some forms to help you break a bad mealtime habit or to find a healthier way to reward yourself after an arduous task. The desire for a healthy snack food isn’t going to go away and keeps driving this trend forward. Those looking to find a healthier way to snack could do worse than this option.

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