Novel skincare ingredients are nothing new. In fact, it is often what drew them here in the first place. The willingness to step outside the expected can often have fantastic results. As a result, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that there are other often neglected ingredients like gold in the skincare world. Seaweed was one of them, but is slowly beginning to make headway in the beauty world as its properties become more apparent. It is particularly useful for helping to boost various aspects of healing in the skin and making it more resilient. People have used it in treatments for ages even if they didn’t quite know what it worked. Fortunately, we’re in the modern era now and understand why seaweed can do so much for your skin.

The Richness of the Sea
Seaweed is a particularly vigorous form of algae that grows large than the majority of its relatives. It comes in a variety of forms depending on the particular kind of algae that it is: red, green, or brown. Algae, contrary to popular belief, aren’t actually plants. They’re frequently forms of protists, members of a different kingdom of life from plants or animals. Many times they can resemble some of the other kinds of life, but they are their own group. Many seaweeds, for instance, actually use photosynthesis to generate nutrients. The complex nature of protists ends up meaning they are full of a variety of nutrients that are just as food for you as they are for the organisms themselves when used properly.

Purifying Touch
One of the biggest benefits from the collection of nutrients found in seaweed is that it ends up being rich in antioxidants much of the time. This is particularly true of species of brown algae based seaweed. Antioxidants are a friend to skin enthusiasts wherever they’re coming from though. These compounds help to neutralize the free radicals that build up in your skin from sun damage and other sources. Free radicals continually move through your body causing minor bits of damage over time. If you don’t control them, then the amount builds and the damage becomes more and more frequent. Not including a sufficient number of antioxidants in your diet and skincare appears to have a link to premature aging in many cases so controlling the damage keeps you looking younger longer. Additionally, many forms of seaweed also possess light anti-inflammatory properties.

Soft Strength
The nutrients are good beyond just being antioxidants as well. Many of them are excellent at boosting your skin’s overall health. Familiar ones like vitamins C & E appear fairly commonly in algae, but lesser known nutrients that fortify your skin are also present. Vitamin A is also highly common in seaweed. Between the three highly potent skin friendly ingredients and the other nutrients, your skin receives a boost to its healing capacity and collagen production. This results in potent anti-aging properties. Most seaweed derived products also work well for helping to moisturize the skin. Proper moisturizing and skin supporting nutrients give your skin more strength to resist damage all while keeping it soft to the touch.

It is a well-known fact that the beauty world can easily become obsessed with miracle ingredients that end up doing nothing for your skin. Seaweed isn’t one of these ingredients though. Extracts and other methods of using it have a clear place in skincare. The trick is to simply remember to use them correctly. You will get the most out of it in masks and creams. These products will ensure skin contact lasts long enough for you to get the full rejuvenating effects of seaweed.

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